10 cheapest airlines in the world

Traveling is always an excellent opportunity to relax, get a charge of bright emotions and get to know the world. But it is no secret to anyone that for the sake of such pleasure it is sometimes necessary to pay a tidy sum. Therefore, tourists always try to correctly calculate the route, saving the maximum.

How it works?

The lion's share of waste carries airfare. Tickets in both directions can cost the tourist in an amount close to $ 1,000. But even here it is possible to save money by learning about budget airlines that are always ready to make a good discount. But before getting to know them, let's see why their tickets have such a low price. There are several reasons for this.

  1. They sell tickets online. The absence of cash desks reduces the cost of their maintenance.
  2. The choice of services at the request of the client. You buy only the possibility of flight, and additional services such as food or entertainment (movies, games) are available with additional payment.
  3. Comfort levelMost often, cheap airlines increase the number of seats in the cabin, which significantly affects your stay in it. For example, if you want to sit next to your family, you will most likely have to pay extra.
  4. Universal staff. Its on board has a minimum amount, which reduces costs. The same workers can be both cleaners and baggage handlers.
  5. New planes. Loukosterov try to use a new technique that does not require constant repair, on which they significantly save.

For every taste

And now is the time to look at the list of the TOP 10 low-cost carriers.

  1. Southwest Airlines. The largest low cost carrier in the world, based in the United States. On its balance sheet consists exclusively of Boeing 737 aircrafts in the amount of 684 pieces. Every day they make about 400 flights. Basically, the company's routes cover the demand for domestic movements in the United States, but there are also international flights to Mexico and some countries in the Caribbean.
  2. Ryanair. One of the cheapest carriers, often offering tickets for the price of 5-7 euros. It flies across Europe with a frequency of 1500 departures every day.The low price of tickets is explained by the absence of expenses for the maintenance of expensive airports, the cancellation of a business class, and earnings are paid for the cost of additional services (for example, meals on board Ryanair are charged).
  3. Wizzair. Hungarian carrier of medium and low price categories in Central and Eastern Europe. Now the company provides its customers with flights to 66 destinations. Like other budget companies, Wizzair has significant limitations regarding carry-on baggage, which you can carry with you to the cabin. The company's fleet consists of Airbus 320 aircraft.
  4. EasyJet. British air carrier, actively working with European customers. The site is available in Russian, which greatly simplifies the purchase of a ticket. EasyJet operates international flights to over 300 destinations in 30 countries around the world. In addition, the Russian company Transaero has entered into an agreement with EasyJet and has the right to sell a certain number of their tickets. The average age of the aircraft is 6 years.
  5. AirBaltic. In general, this is a regular airline, but often offering substantial discounts, for which it can be added to the list of low-cost airlines.The main advantage is the ability to get anywhere in Europe from Kiev and Moscow. The average ticket price is about 30-40 euros.
  6. Pegasus. If you are going on vacation or on business to Turkey, then this is what you need. You will easily save your budget by getting a pretty decent service. The best prices are usually offered in Istanbul. The average age of the fleet is 4.5 years. Airplanes have one class, but it is worth noting that Pegasus is one of the few carriers that has its own pilot training center and a fleet service company.
  7. Aegenair. The largest Greek low-carrier. The fleet consists of Airbus aircraft, whose average age reaches almost 8 years. The most advantageous offers are provided for those who are going to fly specifically to Greece.
  8. Vueling Airlines. Travelers who are going to discover Barcelona or Wehling should definitely study their offers. It has routes throughout Europe, the main airport is in Barcelona. In addition, with Vueling it is advantageous to fly from Barcelona to other European countries. The ticket price is only 35 euros, with the usual prices of 90 euros.
  9. Norwegian. This loukoster is unambiguously undervalued by customers.Thanks to the many flights, you can get into Europe and many states of America. The main directions of the Norwegian carrier - Northern Europe, but the lucrative offers are often for other countries.
  10. Flydubai. Arab budget airline, which provides an opportunity to reach 95 points of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. It has several classes, but it often makes substantial discounts on an economy class.

Saving on the flight is not at all difficult; the main thing is to study the information of companies and choose the most profitable option among the many offers. And let your flight be pleasant!

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