10 interesting and memorable bars in the world

There are bars in all countries of the world, but some of them are not just places to drink and eat. Find out which places will surprise visitors.

Top 10 of the most interesting and unusually designed bars in the world:

  1. "Baobab". The name of the institution is fully justified, because it is located right in the huge baobab tree, namely in its trunk. This very unusual bar is located in the Republic of South Africa on an area of ​​about 50 square meters. This tree is considered to be the largest in the world, so everything that you might need could easily fit in: a visitors area, a telephone, a natural cellar for cooling drinks and even an entertainment area with a set of darts. The trunk is electricity, so it's not dark at all. By the way, the tree is over 6 thousand years old, and its height is about twenty meters. Impressive, isn't it?
  2. "Clinic". This bar is worth a visit for lovers of new thrills.If you missed the hospital walls, then the doors of this institution are always open for you, which have beds for patients, wheelchairs instead of chairs, waiters dressed in hospital gowns, rooms in the form of tablets, decorated in the style of operating rooms, test tubes and droppers for drinks, plates in the form of internal organs and much more, reminiscent of this clinical atmosphere. The design was developed by an eccentric artist Damien Hirst, known for his drawings of animals in formalin. Clinic is located in one of the Singapore districts.
  3. Aluks Lounge. This institution is remarkable in that it is located in a very unusual place for bars - in a natural cave located in Mexico. Here the rays of the sun never get, which creates a special mysterious, intimate and mysterious atmosphere. A narrow stone staircase leads inside, descending along which visitors enter a space deep in the ground, decorated by nature with intricate stalagmites and stalactites. All this is complemented by the subdued light of candles and coolness, which is very popular with guests, of whom there are always a lot.Here you can try traditional Mexican snacks and cocktails, for example, the signature drink “Aluxinante”, made from oranges, fresh cucumbers and alcohol mescal (it is fermented agave juice). By the way, the name comes from the mystic elves of the Aluxes, who left the underground only in the light of the moon.
  4. If you are on vacation in Brazil, be sure to check in"Bar on a peaked hill."Since it is located at an altitude of about 400 meters above Rio de Janeiro, you can only get here in two ways. The first quick and simple is a lift that takes you straight to the place. The second way is suitable for those who are not looking for easy ways: you can try to climb the mountain, but this road is very dangerous, long and difficult. Once in the bar, you will definitely get a vivid impression: the view from here alone is worth a lot, because the beauty of Brazil is visible from the hill. But you can also quench your hunger and thirst by enjoying the local caipirinha cocktail, which consists of lime, sugar, ice crumb, and kachasa, the traditional rum obtained from sugar cane.
  5. "Cova den Chora"located right in the cave of a cliff located on the ocean on the Spanish island of Menorca.This place is very popular among the local indigenous people, as well as among visitors and tourists. And this is not surprising: the place offers stunning views of the surrounding beauty, and you can relax around the clock inside the cave or outside at cozy tables around the clock. Here you can try various cocktails and dance from the heart, because at night the bar turns into a disco with incendiary music. By the way, according to legend, once this grotto was used as a refuge by one of the pirates, who stole the local beauty and forcibly made the girl his wife.
  6. "Floyd's Pelican". At first glance, this is a hut made from branches, ropes and palm leaves and located directly in the ocean. But in this shack there is a bar, in which tourists and local tourists enjoy relaxing and enjoying cool drinks and traditional seafood dishes. After drinking and eating, you can dive into the purest water, swim and refresh yourself. This place is located near the coast of the Jamaican Parotti Bay. You can get here on a regular plying boats and boats, which also take visitors to the shore. And all the way you will be accompanied by curious dolphins, of which there are very many.
  7. Those who have long dreamed of going aboard a real spacecraft should look into a unique bar.NASAthat is waiting for visitors to Bangalore (India). This place was designed by a designer with a violent fantasy, whose name is Vijay Mallya. He created an amazing cosmic atmosphere with personnel in astronaut costumes, dashboards and buttons on the tables, neon blue lights. And every evening you can see an amazing spectacular laser show that will complement the impressions received from the atmosphere and great drinks and dishes.
  8. Certainly every traveler should see a bar."Casa Pocho"in Spain. At first glance, there is nothing surprising, although the decoration is very luxurious and rich, which will impress connoisseurs of chic. And this place is perfect to throw out negative emotions or let off steam after a hard day: if you call the bartender, he will pour you a free beer. But still you should not say the most indecent words, there are certain limits, and explicit insults are prohibited. But “fool”, “idiot”, “donkey” or “moron” is quite acceptable.
  9. Faraday Bar. It deserves attention due to its amazing location: the institution is located almost at the end of the world - in the harsh Antarctic, namely on the island of Galindes on the territory of the research station. And he appeared by chance: two carpenters, who were given the task to build a new shipyard, literally in a couple of months, built a bar where they could relax after hard work in the cold. The workers were not fired, since they considered them talented, and the bar was also left. Now he receives researchers and guests from all over the world, and women who have been here have left their belongings: jewelry, accessories, clothes and even underwear. All this is hung on the walls and becomes part of the interior of an interesting Antarctic bar.
  10. "Zulunkhuni River House". This structure consists of four straw huts and is located near a stone cave in the African Lake of Malawi. There is a waterfall nearby that visitors can see. It is not easy to get here: the walk takes about 5-6 hours, although you can choose a ferry. In this place is not a very big menu, since the electricity here is not carried out.But guests are always offered vodka, which is stored in watermelons, placed in kerosene-powered refrigeration boxes. But the atmosphere here is definitely interesting!

These were the most unusual bars of the planet, in which it will be interesting to visit.

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