10 most sad films in the history of cinema

When the soul asks for emotional relaxation, you need not to deny yourself this opportunity, because the daily accumulated stress, problems, difficulties slowly but surely undermine our vitality.

To look at the situation differently and just feel better, you need to shake things up - sometimes it helps to watch dramas, tragedies or melodrams, which make it possible to mourn with the characters, perhaps shed a few tears and, as a result, feel relief.

Yes, yes, strange as it may sound, but psychologists have long proved that watching tearful scenes, understanding sad, albeit made-up scenarios, is sometimes even useful, especially when something goes wrong in your own life.

Sad stories cling almost unmistakably, the writers have long caught themes that touch almost everyone and it doesn't matter whether you are a weak woman or a strong man. Today we will present to your attention the top 10 of the saddest films, which are filled not only with sentimental scenes, but also with really deep meaning.

  • "Awakening", 1990.Perhaps the film with such actors in major roles like Robert De Niro and the inimitable Robin Williams, by default, can not be uninteresting. But this film not only fascinates with its plot, touches the actions taking place, but also builds on real events, which probably adds to it some kind of tragedy. The story of how young, but the initiative doctor tries to "awaken" immobilized patients, victims of a rare but terrible disease. And I must say that at first he succeeds in this, he manages to “breathe life” into those who have forgotten about her long ago ...
  • Planet Ka-Peks, 2001And again, the psychiatric hospital: true, now we see a completely ordinary person, a patient who always walks in dark glasses and claims that he came to us from the distant planet Ka-Peks. At first, doctors try to understand the patient's strange symptoms, but his very convincing speeches and plausible evidence make experts think, but what if there is any sense in the words of a madman?
  • “Reaching out to heaven”, 1997Next on our list is a masterpiece of German cinema, which, without tears and a lump in my throat, treacherously approaching the throat, you will not look.The story of two terminally ill patients, young people, who accidentally met in the hospital. After a brief conversation, it turns out that one of them has never seen the sea, which he regrets very much. And then the comrades decide on an unusual step - to escape from the hospital, rob the bank and still see the sea spaces - an excellent goal for the end of life.
  • "Life is Beautiful", 1997The Italian film, which won three Oscar statuettes, deeply sinks in the heart of all those who decide to watch this unusual tragicomedy. In the center of the plot, the Jewish family is a father and a small son, who fell into a concentration camp during World War II. The father, in order to minimize his son's fears and increase his chances of life, comes up with the idea that everything that happens around them is just a game in which the most important condition is to constantly hide from the wardens, using all the possibilities of the barracks.
  • The Reader, 2008 The movie based on the bestseller of the same name touches the soul with its unusual story: a young man of 15 years old, with all the passion and maximalism typical of this age, falls in love with a woman who is 11 years older than him.And, about a miracle, for some time she reciprocates, however, the connection of secret lovers will not last long. After 8 years after a hard break, they will meet again, but under completely different circumstances that will forever change their lives.
  • "Diary of Memory", 2004A touching and so exciting love story from a talented meter Nicholas Sparks, just recently literally blew up the world. The story from an old notebook, which an elderly man in an old people's home reads every time, tells of two young people from different social backgrounds who did not become an obstacle to a wonderful feeling. But life is not so simple: sometimes everything happens not in the way that you want, but lovers have to leave to continue to build their lives, only without each other. But can true love be forgotten?
  • “Requiem for a Dream”, 2000Difficult for perception, emotional film, which leaves behind a heavy residue of bitterness and sadness. Perhaps the most impressionable “Requiem for a Dream” is not worth watching, because there are many unpleasant scenes in the film. The main idea that the director, together with the actors, managed to convey to the viewer with high quality, is how quickly and even the brightest dreams, aspirations and lives of thosewho is a prisoner of drug addiction.
  • "White Bim Black Ear", 1976The old Soviet drama, based on the story of the same name, reveals to the viewer the story of a dog that loses its beloved master and goes in search of him. On his way, Bim will meet many people - good and evil, sympathetic and not so much; she will find out what pain, cruelty and indifference are.
  • «Titanic», 1997Are there any unnecessary descriptions here? Probably, the sad story of this grand liner is known to everyone, but perhaps not everyone knows the touching love story of two young people who, unfortunately, were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although, who knows, after all, fate is a mysterious thing.
  • Pay Others, 2000Have you ever thought about how to make our world better, kinder and lighter? The main character, the boy Trevor, thought and even came up with an original scheme: for every good deed towards you, repay three good deeds towards others. Fine, isn't it? Why, just not everyone is able to improve and strive for the best, and a kind little boy, even by his own death, is not capable of somehow influencing it.Or is there still hope?
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