10 tips on how to organize a holiday romance

Materialize your expectations

To begin with, understand the terminology: a holiday romance is a short love affair on vacation that lasts as long as the vacation itself lasts, or less. The holiday romance does not imply a continuation, and therefore does not imply a close acquaintance with the partner’s personality and joint plans for the future upon his return. Explain it to yourself again before jumping into the pool with your head, and make sure that this is what you are looking for.

Enjoy the moment

Promise yourself that the only tactic that you will follow in a holiday romance is to live for today and not think about what will happen tomorrow. Do not bother with thoughts about how good a husband he would be, how to present him to girlfriends and how to deal with his disorderly nature - you are here and now enjoying the sun and the beach, and everything else does not make sense.

Be honest with him in your intentions.

Admit that now you are not looking for anything serious and want to focus on your career and your own life, but for the holidays you just want to have fun and without stress. Thus, he will understand your expectations and will not "go too far" with romance and empty promises.

10 tips on how to organize a holiday romance

A holiday romance and a drunken affair are not the same thing.

However, the latter can easily develop into a holiday romance, such as acquaintance at a club, but the minus of a pickup drunk is that in the morning the chosen option may frankly disappoint you and the intended mini-novel will be reduced to the format of one crazy night .

Local or tourist ...

Everything depends, of course, on the place for vacation, but there will be disadvantages and advantages in each. Local, for example, can turn a resort romance into a tour, which obviously promises to be memorable and interesting, but in this case, you'd better get acquainted with his mentality in advance so that there are no awkward situations in the spirit of “he wants to pay the bill in half, but I do not agree” . A tourist will definitely be more accessible for adventures, more relaxed and less inclined to continue, but one day you may ask for him to visit him and organize yourself a holiday romance in a new country with an “old” partner.

... or is it someone from your company?

Why not? This option is definitely suitable for those who, in the depths of their souls, are counting on something serious. It is possible that upon arrival you will meet again and again, and for this you have all the opportunities.

10 tips on how to organize a holiday romance

Try not "your" type of man

A holiday romance in itself already means that you go beyond certain generally accepted frameworks of relationships, you risk and enjoy the sensation of novelty. You can enhance it if you choose an atypical candidate: for example, you are tempted by the type of “muscular fitness instructor”, and on vacation you will try the type of “romantic philosopher-romantic” or “extreme surfer”. With each of them you will experience a unique resort history, so do not limit yourself to “better” / “worse” concepts, but allow yourself to be surprised.

Do not forget about security

Cream from the sun and contraceptive means on vacation should always be at hand. You do not need any red spots on the skin or health problems. Do not forget about safety, and planning a first date. Organize it in a public place to get to know a person better, and do not settle the first night on the proposals in the spirit of "I will take you away on a motorcycle away from here."

Do not offer him friendship

The main thing is not to look for it on social networks on Facebook and Instagram, unless you both decided to translate your holiday romance into something serious. It is at least strange to be friends with a person with whom you had a short beach scam, although you can always exchange phone or e-mail to meet at the same place again.

10 tips on how to organize a holiday romance

Return to homeland

We do not promise you that coming back will pass without a slight sadness, which in itself is normal - you part not only with tanned handsome, but also with the beach, palm trees and the sea. Do not be nostalgic on arrival, but rather quickly plunge into your social life - invite your girlfriends or guests to a party, go to your favorite restaurant or go back to the sport that was abandoned during the holidays. In other words, start a return to the familiar life with those things that are guaranteed to bring you pleasure.

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