2018 Eclipse Corridor: What You Need to Know

Eclipse Corridor - the period between several eclipses, which usually happens twice a year. In 2018 we will be able to observe it in February and in July-August, and most of all this period will be affected by the signs of Aquarius and Leo. The corridor opened on January 31 with a full moon, which was called the “scarlet-blue super moon”. This name is due to the fact that, firstly, at the time of an eclipse, the Moon is located almost as close as possible to the Earth, and secondly, this is the second full moon of the month.

The periods of eclipses are a great opportunity to resolve long-overdue issues. This time, Venus is located at the epicenter of the lunar eclipse, which means that issues of a material nature and relations come under the planetary influence.

2018 Eclipse Corridor: What You Need to Know

February 7-8 includes the "midpoint" between eclipses. These days it’s not worth emotionally reacting to what is happening around you. This is the period of the mirror of eclipses, which only reflects the reality, pulling you into events. Also these days it is not necessary to do important things, because the result of efforts can be unpredictable.

The solar eclipse, which closes the corridor of eclipses, will occur on February 15 and coincide with the onset of the New Year according to the eastern calendar. In the epicenter will be Mercury, which means that there will be an impact on the sphere of communications, transport and communications.

During the period of the eclipse corridor, it is good to practice cleansing the body, meditation, yoga, gentle psychological relief techniques, and swimming. It would not be superfluous to arrange “fasting days”: exclude fatty foods, add more vegetables and fruits to the menu

It is undesirable in this period to quarrel, make trouble and sort things out, show aggression, be offended and angry, because negative thoughts and emotions can affect not only health, but also life circumstances. Try not to make rash decisions, think twice before you act.

2018 Eclipse Corridor: What You Need to Know

The magical practices during the period of the eclipse corridor should be applied with the utmost caution, since under the influence of eclipses there is a long-term effect on fate and the future.

But in general, you should always live on the positive and think only about the good.

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