30 successful examples of design curtains in the kitchen with a balcony

Many modern apartments in the kitchen have access to a balcony, and the owners face the difficult task of designing such a unit. What will be the most successful solution - simple curtains from two canvases or, maybe, original rolled curtains? Is it possible to leave the balcony doorway completely without decoration? There are a lot of questions on the agenda, and it’s not easy to solve the problem. There are four main options for opening a balcony in the kitchen:

  • curtain from one web;
  • classic double curtains;
  • curtains on the doors;
  • doorway without decoration.

Single curtain curtain

This option is the most successful for kitchens with a narrow doorway to the balcony. It is convenient to push one curtain aside, letting light into the room. A single curtain, especially of a light shade, will make the interior weightless. Particular attention should be paid to the eaves, because it will be visible most of the time.


Classic Double Curtains

This option is the most popular because it is suitable for absolutely any windows and balcony door openings. The double curtain visually unites a window and a door, creating a uniform design composition.

Nevertheless, there are disadvantages to this option, for example, during the exit to the balcony you will have to constantly move the curtain and then return to the place. To solve this problem, you can equip the double curtains with a curtain rod - this is a special stick that is attached to the last ring.

Curtains on the doors

Blinds and roll curtains are popular options for decorating balcony openings in the kitchen, today they are no surprise. Their unconditional advantages are ease of care, compactness, style. However, a disadvantage, for example, blinds is their ability to turn a room into an office-type room. For this reason, you need to either combine the curtains with conventional curtains or choose curtains strictly in accordance with the overall style of the kitchen.

Roman curtains are the most versatile solution - they successfully look at both classic and minimalist cuisine.

Doorway without decoration

The lack of curtains is a great choice for a north facing kitchen. If you often go to the balcony, then perhaps the lack of curtains will even be at hand.

So that the doorway does not seem empty, decorate the window sill with flowers or any other decor.

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