33 Examples of walls with an ombre effect. + Master Class

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Ombre - the transition of color from light to dark, it can be seen in clothing or manicure, but now we are witnessing a transition of style into the interior. Such interior decor is at the peak of modern trends. There is something soothing and harmonious in the blending of flowers.

Take a look at33 original ideasof interior decoration using theombretechnique, especially for those who like to always be in trend and follow new products and interesting design technologies. And at the end of the article you will see how to make the ombre effect yourself. Enjoy ...




How to create an Ombre effect on a wall?


  • Choose a dark paint color;
  • Apply paint to the lower half of the wall
  • While the wall is still wet, use a water spray to wet the top of the wall;
  • Use a large sponge to shade the paint up the wall
  • Grab paint as needed from the middle and bottom of the wall, using a sponge to blend color.

TOP 33. Walls with the effect of an ombre MASTER CLASS

TOP 33. Walls with the effect of ombre. MASTER CLASS


  • Choose three shades in the common palette. One dark, one medium and one light;
  • Cover the entire wall with a light color and then paint the bottom quarter of the wall dark;
  • We paint two more color bars higher - one middle-tone bar and one strip with a lighter mixture of medium + light paint
  • While your wall is still dry, grab a dry brush and blend in the colors until they look like a work of art.

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