5 bad habits: how to teach a child to observe decency

Probably, each parent wondered how to wean the baby from this or that bad habit. To do this, it is necessary to find and eliminate the root cause; mechanical actions may reflect the emotional problems of the child.

Parents have different attitudes to the habits of children. Often they are not worried about the very manner of behavior, but the fact that in society it is considered indecent. However, the problem is much deeper: the habit appears in the event that the child experiences a state of frustration, that is, unsatisfied tension.

baby sucks fingers
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Habits are formed on the same principle. The child looks at the action of others, sometimes he invents himself, performs it, and the dominant anxiety decreases. The brain captures pleasure. This effect has any repetitive action. When adults seize stress, it becomes better not because of food, but because of the mechanical process of chewing.The brain switches to manipulation, and heavy thoughts fade into the background. If the action is repeated many times, it becomes automatic. Over time, it ceases to give effect, despite this, we continue to implement it.

No habit is innate. The reason that the baby bites his nails, bites his lips can be self-doubt, anxiety. Children thus punish themselves when they feel guilty. If a child sucks a finger or winds hair on it, rhythmically jerks a foot, perhaps it lacks attention and caresses. This occurs when parents find out the relationship with the household.

By the way, no wonder they say that a bad example is contagious. If an adult picks his nose, the crumb will also go over this custom. In some cases, this indicates the physiological features, the nasal mucosa may be dried out.

So what to do?

Find out and eliminate the root cause. Children are a reflection of parents, so start with yourself. Adjust family relationships, at least avoid quarrels with a child. Observe if household members have similar habits.Give your child more attention, often praise, cultivate confidence in him, teach to relieve stress in other ways.

It is useless to scold and punish, as well as forcing to give the word that this will not happen again: the child is unable to control himself, a habit may be developed to break promises. It is also ineffective to beat hands, to make remarks every time, especially with strangers, to wind fingers and smear bitter. If the habit has developed into mania or hurts the child, it is better to contact a specialist, you may need a psychological correction.

baby bites nails how to wean
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Instructions for use


... bites his nails, bites his lips, cheeks?

Let the crumb choose a beautiful jar - "a bank of achievements." Prepare pieces of colored paper, on which he will record the progress of the day. As the "piggy bank" is filled, anxiety will decrease, and confidence will grow. Exercise is useful and for those who do not have bad habits, it forms a healthy self-esteem. The cardinal way is to shortly cut the nails. Sometimes it is recommended to give a nibble object that will be kept clean.As the emotional state stabilizes, it is removed.

... sucks a finger?

Keep track of situations where the child most often sticks his fingers in his mouth, and in advance give the ball to hold with both hands. As a prevention, experts suggest breastfeeding for at least one year. If there is a need for a nipple, do not wean out by force, with teething, use teethers.

... winding hair on your finger?

Suggest to sort out the beads on a string, to wind rezinochki. Girls can make short haircuts or braids. Very useful before bedtime massage, soothing baths.

... jerks or stamps his foot?

Offer rhythmic games, for example, jumping with a skipping rope, roll your baby on a swing, listen to rhythmic music. Habit will be associated with the game and will cease to be interesting.

... picking his nose?

He begins to pull his hands to his face - offer a toy, nuts or dried fruit. Watch yourself and do not show a bad example. If the problem is dry mucous, teach to blow your nose and splash nose moisturizing solutions.

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