6 life hacking, how to extend the life of a bouquet

Means for bouquets

The easiest way to extend the life of any bouquet is to cut flowers (bottles or sachets with this tool are usually sold in the same place as flowers). This tool is universal, it can be added to roses, tulips and bouquets. The principle of its operation is very simple - it disinfects water and inhibits the development of bacteria that cause putrefactive processes leading to blockage of the capillary supply of plants. That is, it works as an orderly, and the nutrients contained in it help the flowers not to fade longer. The only flower that will not save this remedy is mimosa. But in principle, she does not like water, and in no case should she put it there: in the water, the mimosa begins to rot, and her inflorescences are blackened.

6 life hacking, how to extend the life of a bouquet

Aspirin and sugar

If there is no special tool at hand, the usual sugar and aspirin, which our grandmothers used to preserve the bouquets, can also fulfill its role. An aspirin tablet, or acetylsalicylic acid, acts as a disinfectant and changes the acidity of water, and sugar is an excellent nutrient.Together they perform the same two functions as the means for cut flowers - they feed and prevent rotting. Sugar and aspirin can be added to the water together and separately, most importantly - do not forget to update the solution.

6 life hacking, how to extend the life of a bouquet

Tulips in the fridge

Tulips can be safely bought in advance, but in no case put in water, and tightly wrapped in paper to get a smooth dense tube. Package should be put in the bottom of the refrigerator, always without water. So the flowers can lie quietly for several days. Do not be afraid if after such storage leaves lose elasticity and there will be a so-called turgor. You need to get the tulips out of the package, remove the extra leaves, be sure to cut off the tips of the legs under a stream of water with a sharp knife and immediately put them in the water. It is important to cut under water so that the flower capillaries do not become blocked with air and the water supply goes along the stem to the flower head. When choosing tulips should pay attention to the color, they differ in resistance. The most tender ones are white and pink, they will not stand for a long time, and red and yellow, on the contrary, are well preserved. If you see that the bud at the tulip is slightly colored - dense,green and half red, so that it dissolves faster, it must be placed in heat, cut and put in water to be discharged. After a day or two, he will pick up the color, and you can safely give it.

6 life hacking, how to extend the life of a bouquet

Roses on the balcony

Roses, unlike tulips, at home are best kept in water. This is often used by florists - a pack of roses or a bouquet should be freed from polyethylene, wrapped tightly in paper, cut off the legs under water and sent to a cool place or to a balcony. Roses can stand for a long time at a temperature of 4–5 degrees. When it is cooler on the street or near zero, it is not worth the risk. For the roses to stand as long as possible, you need to remove the leaves from the stem as much as possible, leave one or two closer to the head of the flower. The rest are ruthlessly cleaned so that they do not put off all the forces and nutrients into a flower.

6 life hacking, how to extend the life of a bouquet

Single daffodils

Among the flowers there is one that can negate all your efforts to preserve the bouquet - it is a daffodil. Justifying its name, the narcissist flower can stand in a vase only in solitude. Daffodils need to get out of composite bouquets, because they can not be put in the water with other flowers.They excrete poisonous mucus, which clogs capillaries of other colors, and they quickly fade without food. So if you decide to donate daffodils, do not complement them with nothing but greenery.

6 life hacking, how to extend the life of a bouquet

Bouquet - cut the leaves and change the water

The most difficult to keep fresh bouquet, because it contains flowers with different periods of life. There are a couple of universal ways to prolong the life of all participants of the flower arrangement. First, if there are roses and tulips, you need to remove the leaves, so that the flower gets the maximum of nutrients. If the bouquet costs you a few days, do not be lazy to change the water and nutrient composition every day, and after a day, cut off the tips with a stream of water. With such a rather careful care, the bouquet will last longer if the flowers were originally fresh.

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