6 sexiest things men think and our ways to wear them

For the sake of maintaining a certain balance in the universe, one must sometimes make concessions to the opposite sex and listen to their opinion, albeit not in the traditional male feast on February 23, but on the eve of the odious-romantic Valentine's Day. We made a list of things that men consider sexual, and reflected on how to wear it all with the arrogant pride of an independent woman and not be at the same time neither as a hunter for the oligarchs, nor for Pamela Anderson in his youth. Well, let's try to trust their picky taste, but in your own way?

They think sexy: dresses with cleavage

Dita von Teese in her favorite outfits with a deep neckline and silhouette "hourglass" could personify the image of an ideal woman for many men, but each of us who ever once put on a dress of this kind, knows that it is impossible to afford to eat a slice of cake at a party (just a couple of shrimps on a skewer - and stop!), nor breathe at the end of the festival.Would you like to look like a lifeless and hungry statue in your sheath dress? Then choose a knitted material with an elastic belt and do not be afraid to "hooligan" with outerwear or, conversely, to make an image with such a dress more serious than sexy.

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