7 simple tricks against a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle cannot but leave negative traces on human health: these are, first of all, the appearance of excess weight, diseases of the spine and joints, reduced vision, development of headaches. This list is endless.

But if you follow a few simple rules, you can avoid these troubles:

1. Fitness. This may be all that your soul desires: swimming, aerobics, dance studio. If you are too lazy, take your girlfriend with you, because the two of you are much easier to do.

2. Simple exercises that can be performed at home or at work. If you do not have enough money for the gym, there is an easy way out! Buy a book, which will describe the complex exercises, or simply download them on the Internet. Highlight at least twenty minutes a day. If you constantly forget to perform them, put a reminder on the phone or write it on bright stickers.

3. Walk more.Give up small familiar actions that make our life easier: traveling by elevator, transport, if time permits. Go to distant stores and never ask anyone to bring something to you, always go for it yourself.

4. Review household chores! If your husband goes to the store all the time, take a walk with the dog and take out the garbage, and you constantly stand at the stove or sink, this is wrong! Try to go out yourself, so you get rid of unnecessary calories and gain muscle tone.

5. Dancing! How long have you been in a disco? There is no way to go? No problem! Just turn on your favorite music at home, and you will not notice how you start dancing. In such a simple way you will get flexibility, slimness and a charge of good mood!

6. The chair. It is absolutely necessary to choose the right chair, which will not harm the posture. By the way, car seats have the most convenient configuration, therefore, when buying an office or computer chair, you should choose something similar in shape. Properly selected, a good chair will never let you feel back pain.

7. And finally, massage.At least twice a year it is necessary to pay attention to this in order to avoid stagnation in the vessels and osteochondrosis.

Follow these simple rules and be healthy.

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