8 best hair care products in winter

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Spray-care Kerastase Densitive Gl from Kerastase

And as we used to live without indelible funds! Although the first acquaintance with them is not very pleasantly formed - until you find “your” number of sprays, in which hair does not become heavy and slightly oily, time will pass. But when this happens! .. Our choice is the new spray-care Kerastase. It has a super-wide and very regular range of actions, ideal for winter: optimization of the skin microcirculation, stimulation of hair growth, relaxing effect and improvement of the fiber texture, which makes one more plus as a result - volume. The price bites a little, but the bottle is enough for a year for sure!

8 best hair care products in winter


Indelible care Aveda Damage Remedy by Aveda

Another product that does not require additional rinsing is creamy and very light, with aroma associated with Ayurvedic procedures and herbs from Provence. It is no coincidence that the oils of bergamot, mandarin and ylang-ylang are included in the composition. The main task of care is to moisturize and restore hair plus protect it from the effects of hot air from a hair dryer.As with any indelible product, do not forget about the quantity - carefully squeeze out two peas, no more, rub between the palms and carefully apply on the tips and on the roots. The cost is also not the lowest, but given the long-term use of the product, again, we are ready to spend money.

8 best hair care products in winter


Intense moisturizing mask for damaged hair Intense Hydrating Mask by Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil is a win-win. First, we apply the precious mixture in small portions, and after a week we are ready to smear the product from head to toe. This mask is absolutely unimportant, whether we will tremble over it and calculate the time of use, no matter how much product is spent on one procedure, it just does its job - deeply moisturizes, nourishes the hair, restores elasticity and makes it shine. The girls who use Moroccanoil are immediately visible. When using a mask three times a week for hair lengths up to the beginning of the ribs, the consumption is approximately 500 ml for three months.

8 best hair care products in winter


Fiberstrong firming mask for weak hair from Biolage

For some reason, the American brand Biolage is not the most popular in Russia, but in vain. In her collection there are many cool lines, the most suitable for winter - Fiberstrong for brittle and weak hair.Thanks to clever technology, the mask fills the irregularities of the hair cuticle, preventing brittleness, and also works through its elasticity and durability. It is highly recommended for splitting hair, especially if the hair shaft exfoliates not only at the tip.

8 best hair care products in winter


Bonacure Repair Rescue Split Ends Repair Tool from Schwarzkopf Professional

If there is no time to wait for the split ends to recover from the mask or when their landlady finally gets to the salon and carries out the recovery procedures, you can resort to an express agent. In the Schwarzkopf Professional line, there is an excellent sample - it is applied only to the tips (not to be confused with indelible hair care for the entire length) and is laid further by the dryer or dried for some time. The product is completely light, with a feeling of velvety with a preliminary application to the hands. Very fast and very easy!

8 best hair care products in winter


Balm for hair tips Shine So Bright by Lush

Another specialist for the tips - Shine So Bright, for those who love hard "nesmyvashki", with notes of coconut, shea, orange blossom and neroli. The aroma is intense enough for an amateur, so you should first sniff it. In a small tin can, a waxy paste is placed, which is applied first to the palm (you need to hook it just a little bit,this is fundamentally important - otherwise the hair will become icicles), rubbed between them and then applied to the hair. Another plus is a tight lid and a small amount, which allow you to take the balm with you on weekdays (if the evening will be spent outside the house) and on travels without burdening the suitcase. Among the beauty bloggers did not praise Shine So Bright only lazy.

8 best hair care products in winter


Mask for hair moisturizing «Ginkgo and jojoba» A'kin

At some point, A'kin products hurt all hipsters and showrooms close to this format, boutiques and corners, where the word “eco” is elevated to the rank of holiness. We will not be a fan of idols, but we will mark the mask with a bold “plus” sign. This is a very intense nutrition and recovery, requiring a 30-minute mask on the hair. It includes ginkgo biloba and Australian jojoba oil, as well as white tea and vitamin E. The creators have tried their best, this is really a powerful formula with an antioxidant orientation. In the winter it will not hurt!

8 best hair care products in winter


Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense Hair Strengthening Oil from Redken

It is difficult to do without oil in winter, but you will have to learn how to work with it - again, the principle of two drops on a palm against stuck together strands.The more careful the application, the more effective the result. We chose Redken for coriander oil, apricot and camellin brushes in the composition. The oil penetrates deep into the structure and protects the cuticle from damage. Plus there is a luxurious shine, which is difficult to refuse. Applied very simply - in the palm, rub and spread over the entire length of slightly damp hair.

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