8 pairs of shoes that will save a boring wardrobe

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

If the season of shoes did not end with the arrival of October and would not begin only at the end of April, then there would be more happy days in the calendar. This shoe definitely has its own super power, like fairy-tale heroes, to appear from the depth of the closet and immediately organize all the plans for the evening or persuade to agree to a date that you didn’t decide before. Or even encourage you to arrange a date not with someone, but with your hometown, as Kerry Bradshaw regularly did with New York in the TV series “Sex and the City”. The streets are about to be ready so that, without fear of wearing shoes, it’s up to the right couple to enjoy spring together.

Metallic shoes

Space Odyssey arranged on a pair of stylish stiletto stilettos. I want to wear this model with outfits that take us to the future: with leather pants, like those of the saviors of the Universe, and tight-fitting overalls, like those of the intergalactic stations.

Michael Michael Kors shoes

Michael Michael Kors shoes (9 159 rub.)

Shoes in the mesh

It is not too expensive to get such a creative creation into the collection. We really like the idea to combine socks in a net and classic pumps, and even in such a vigorous shade - everyone will simply not take their eyes off your feet.

Privileged shoes

Privileged shoes (9 335 rub.)

Glossy leather shoes

Tomato vigorous red is one of the favorites of this season. And definitely one of the most seductive and delicious shades of all colors. Why not use it along with heels - you get a flammable “weapon”.

Massimo Dutti Shoes

Shoes Massimo Dutti (8 590 rub.)

Shoes with rhinestones

To groom and cherish your inner Marie-Antoinette is necessary in such shoes. By the way, the magazine Vogue advises to wear shoes with rhinestones also wear socks with Lurex - obviously, to shine so shine!

Uterque shoes

Uterque shoes (10 990 rub.)

Shoes with leopard print

Leopard is back in fashion, so it's time to replenish your “bestial” collection with novelties again. If the coat under the leopard - this is too much dose, and still no one sees the underwear, then the shoes - just the same golden mean that some creative personalities can even turn into office shoes.

Zara shoes

Zara shoes (6 999 rub.)

Shoes with embroidery

Near these shoes look like Monet's paintings with water lilies, and the fabric itself is made in the manner of tapestries with embroidery of different materials over the mesh base. How do you like this work of art in your personal collection?

Sam Edelman shoes

Sam Edelman Shoes ($ 120)

Satin shoes

If Cinderella were re-shot today and it would have happened somewhere on the streets of London or Paris, then the shoe would not be crystal, but such a juicy and spectacular fuchsia and satin color. This, by the way, is much easier to notice (and the current Cinderellas are practical!) Than colorless glass.

Schutz shoes

Schutz Shoes (6 141 rub. At a discount)

Velvet shoes

Velvet is always out of competition: it has no equal in creating a festive mood on level ground. But not quite on a flat surface, because the heel is still present, and what a sparkling imitation of a figure made of ice.

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