8 reasons why you can not sleep

Somnologists will advise not to eat 3 hours before bedtime, but do not go to bed hungry. Supporters of the daily 16-hour fast and fans of the theory of autophagy (it is that the hungry organism “eats up” its diseased cells and thus reduces the risk of cancer and other ailments) will surely say that it is enough to restrict ourselves to dinner, does not plan to become a long-liver. Patients with gastroesophageal reflux and pregnant women will confidently tell you that there is nothing worse than a good dinner at night, because heartburn and poor sleep due to the evening excesses are guaranteed.

Only by experience can you decide how comfortable you go to bed: drink a glass of milk before bedtime, refrain from eating in the evening or have a good dinner under the program "Good night, kids."

Reason # 2: taking certain medicines

Not only caffeine can interfere with normal sleep. There are many other medications that will ensure insomnia.

8 reasons why you can not sleep

They are neuroleptic sulpiride, tranquilizers, mezepam and tofisopam, corticosteroid hormones, nootropics, antidepressants with psychogogic effects, and even some types of antibiotics. Tranquilizer alprazolam can cause frightening dreams. Similarly, the phenobarbital, which is in the known "medicine for the heart" corvalole. Therefore, it is so important to observe the time of taking the drugs indicated in the instructions, and not to drink medications that were not recommended by the doctor.

Reason number 3: sport before bedtime

For some people, going to the gym in the evening ends with a surge of vitality after exercise and ... sleepless at night. This is due to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system - this structure regulates many processes in the body. When the sympathetic system “works to its fullest,” the body perceives this as a signal to wake up and escape: either attack, or run, but certainly not relax under a warm blanket.

That is why in the evening practice of yoga, it is recommended to avoid bending, to focus on bending and bending in the lower back to the legs: the former activate the sympathetic nervous system, and the latter, on the contrary, contribute to calm and mood for night rest.

If you are disturbed by morning sleepiness, and in the evening you cannot fall asleep on time, try to postpone the workout for the morning. In the early hours, unfortunately, the flexibility is much worse than in the evening, so many people do not like to go to the gym in the morning. However, this disadvantage is compensated by the fact that exercise at dawn helps to wake up even more reliably than the usual half-liter cup of coffee.

Reason number 4: "light noise"

These are any sources of light in the evening, which confuse your pineal gland: it perceives nerve impulses from the retina and sensitively reacts to the alternation of day and night. When little light gets into the eyes, the production of melatonin, a natural “sleeping pill,” begins to increase. The light of a flashlight that penetrates loose curtains, a flickering screen of a smartphone, or a backlit e-book can all reduce melatonin production and ensure restless sleep with frequent arousals.

Try to close the curtains tightly, turn off the night light, do not read from the phone two hours before bedtime. These simple rules will help make sleep deeper and more refreshing.

Reason number 5: anxiety and depressive disorders

Alas, anxiety and depression are conditions familiar to more than half the people who live in large cities. And they are not often diagnosed: many people suffer from obsessive, restless thoughts in the nighttime silence that prevent them from falling asleep, others cry in their pillows, experiencing an incomprehensible longing ... Disruption of the neurotransmitter system of the brain causes anxiety, depression, and sometimes both. Deficiency of serotonin, dopamine, lack of gamma-aminobutyric acid, melatonin - all this leads to sleep disturbance, deterioration of mood, increased anxiety and loss of motivation.

8 reasons why you can not sleep

That is why insomnia is a reason to go to a doctor. Taking sleeping pills is not always a solution. Sometimes for the normalization of sleep it is necessary to overcome anxiety, melancholy, apathy. To this end, the doctor may prescribe antidepressants or other drugs, as well as psychotherapy.

Reason # 6: Chronic Diseases You Don't Know About

Disruption of the thyroid gland, diabetes, "silent" stroke - these are several causes of insomnia, which people often do not realize.Problems with nasal breathing also worsen night sleep. Therefore, a visit to the doctor for a variety of reasons suddenly helps to get rid of insomnia.

Another common cause of morning weakness and poor sleep quality is sleep apnea. These are respiratory arrest, which are caused by the structural features of the respiratory system, overweight and hereditary characteristics. In the absence of treatment, apnea does not just poison the lives of the relatives of the patient, because he loudly snores and disrupts the sleep of his family, and at the same time all the neighbors in the district. These short-term respiratory stops cause changes in the brain, disrupt its work, break down the structure of sleep, impair memory performance. And the saddest thing - sleep apnea increases the risk of strokes. Therefore, night snoring is a reason to go to the ENT doctor and neurologist-somnolog.

Reason number 7: heat and low humidity

These are two “enemies” of good sleep, which for some reason have been pursuing the Russian person since childhood. Good grandmothers cherish the child from any drafts, and therefore airing the room is considered a great sin in the care of the baby.

The maximum heat, sometimes unbearable heat at all, on the contrary, is strongly encouraged: the Tashkent branch starts for the baby, usually in the maternity ward, continues in the kindergarten, and then the thermoregulation is finally formed and the person gets used to exist in stuffiness

True, his dream is still often disturbed.

8 reasons why you can not sleep

Therefore, one of the golden rules of good sleep is airing the room. The use of a humidifier is another bonus that improves the condition of the mucous membranes and has a positive effect on nasal breathing and, therefore, providing oxygen to the sleeping brain. This is especially true during the cold season, when central heating and heaters make the air very dry.

Reason # 8: Magnesium, Vitamin D, or other micronutrient deficiencies

Adequate Vitamin D Provides Melatonin Production. Whoever analyzes for vitamin D in the middle lane will, at best, find the lower limit of the norm, unless the subject is already taking vitamin D as prescribed by a doctor. That is why it makes sense to attend to the use of a prophylactic dose - often it helps to unexpectedly solve problems that a person is accustomed to consider unsolvable, such as frequent colds, anxious sleep or hair loss.

For vegetarians and vegans, an additional intake of vitamin B12 is relevant, because, contrary to the assurances of sweet-voiced marketers, it is contained in vegetable food in a form that is almost inaccessible for assimilation.

Fanatical supporters of a healthy lifestyle with intense workouts or smokers can sometimes help intake magnesium intake of sleep. Diabetics often have a deficiency of this macrocell.

Before you order a particular drug, you should consult with your doctor. Even the most "harmless" pills have contraindications and without a prescription can seriously harm health.

Shakespeare said that sleep is “the tastiest of dishes in the earthly feast.” Sometimes it is enough to adjust your lifestyle a little to make the night rest a full and filling forces. And if this fails, consult a doctor: perhaps a specialist will help you regain this “gourmet pleasure.”

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