8 things to do in Sochi

Sochi is one of the most popular resorts in Russia. The stunning climate, good service, the opportunity to spend the rest with the whole family - these are the three main indicators why people come here. A lot of materials have been written about the sights of Sochi. We will tell you about 8 things that you definitely need to do in this city.

1. Go to the famous characters of fairy tales and cartoons

This is not the park where Shrek, Robin Hood and other characters of foreign cartoons meet. In this place are Russian heroes: Warriors, Smeshariki, Little Mermaid, but not Ariel, but one that sits on the branches. There is also an eco-village with a famous cafe “Mangal-futur”, where you can taste dishes made from eco-products.

Park project involved the company from the USA “JackRouseAssociates”.


Adler district, Imeretinskaya lowland, Olympic Ave. The cost of entry for an adult is 1900 p., For children - 675 p. Only entry is charged, free skating.

2. Take a jump in the gorge

Skypark AJ HackettSochi is known for its records:

  • pedestrian suspension bridge, which is the longest in the world (439 m);
  • the highest swing in the whole world (170 m);
  • the fastest trolley bus (150 km / h);
  • the tallest bungee jumping in the whole of Russia (207 m).

The organizers guarantee only unforgettable impressions, especially to fans of extreme sports.


st. Krasnoflotskaya, with. Cossack Brod. To feel 7 seconds of free fall over the Ahshtyr gorge - 9,000 rubles.

3. Eat khinkali

And it's not a joke! Just in order to try the juicy khinkali in the “White Nights” you should go to Sochi. And do not forget to order tomato sauce for them, and the lovers of spicy dishes will like the Abkhaz adzhika. To visit this cafe, you must pre-book a table, because there are many who want to try this dish.


st. Ordzhonikidze, 9. A portion of Khinkali (5 pcs.) Will cost 150 rubles.

4. To drink champagne

In the building of the Naval Station, which is a real masterpiece of the Stalin era, there is an excellent restaurant "Chaika". Choose a place on the terrace, which is open all year, order champagne, and to it the signature dish - BoscoFresh (fruit salad based on wild berries) and enjoy the beautiful sunset.


Nautical Station, Voikova, 1.The cost of champagne and salad is 500 and 1100 rubles. respectively.

5. Visit Akhun

The tower for review, which is located on Mount Akhun, 663 m high, was built back in 1935. Now a lot has changed in Sochi, but the tower, which has become the main symbol for the city, has remained unchanged. Professional cyclists can make a downhill from the mountain (up to 75 km / h).


Mount Akhun, Khosta. Order the descent - 1300 rubles.

6. Buy churchkhela

You have not been to Sochi, if you do not know about churchkhele and red mullet. A visit to the Central Market will help to correct the situation. It is worth a long time to choose a product and actively bargain. In winter, inexpensive but very sweet tangerines from Abkhazia are popular on the market.


7. Visit Olympiad facilities

Is the main torch in place? Are all olympic rings intact? And how are things where the main event of the whole country literally recently took place? You can learn this by taking a walk along the modern embankment of the Olympic Park.


Olympic Ave, Adler

8. Fish

Fishing lovers will be interested in fishing in the fish industry. Everything you need for fishing will be provided.

Address: Sochi, Adler district, with. Cossack Brod, st. Trout, 45 - A. The cost of fishing — from 90 rubles per kg.

If we managed to lure you, then we want to warn you that the hotel room should be reserved in advance.

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