Steampack Trailer for Worldwide Travel

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A fantastic style from a parallel universe,"steampunk", leaves no one indifferent and almost always attracts admiring glances. It’s like a computer game for adults, materialized in various art objects, clothes and accessories.

One of the brightest representatives of the British "transport steampunk" isDave Moult. He spends hundreds of hours to create their own mobile homes, in which he can travel in comfort.

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Today we present you his charismatic brainchild -"Steampunk-caravan", a car trailer in a cult drop-like shape, re-equipped for the most complete immersion in the world of steampunk. This creature will be envied byJules Verne.

The design of this trailer is based on the basic version of theCub 1947 trailer. It was a progressive trailer of an unusual form for that time, which looked very impressive with the cars of that era and provided unprecedented comfort inside it.

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