Adjusting the camber: the causes and timing

Adjusting the angles of the wheels directly affect the safety of movement in the car. With the wrong corners, the car can “lead” to one of the sides. Due to the uneven wear of tires, the adhesion of wheels to the road surface is deteriorating. Unevenly distributed load on the suspension, deprives it of the necessary rigidity, which, in turn, does not provide auto directional stability in motion (especially at high speeds). Increases the likelihood of car drifts when cornering. These factors have all chances to lead to an accident.

If you ask the master at the service station: how often should the wheel alignment be carried out? Then they will answer that at least once every six months. And this is understandable, because the earnings of the master directly depend on the number of visits. And if you ask the manager of a car dealership the same question, you will get another answer - no more than once every 2-3 years. And this is also understandable, because its direct responsibility is to advertise a product, showing its strengths.In the instructions for the use of automobiles, the boundary framework of the RS is set out, up to 15 thousand km for our cars and up to 30 thousand km for foreign cars. But this is ideal, and since most roads are far from exemplary and the accuracy of driving many questions, you should not be guided by these deadlines.

There are a number of cases and signs on the basis of which, it is necessary to make a decision about conducting MS:

- uneven or increased wear of tire treads;

- increased tire noise;

- the car leads to one of the parties;

- the steering wheel is difficult to self-return when exiting the turn;

- the wheel has changed its location when driving in a straight path;

- replacement of wheels for wheels with a different radius;

- replacement of tires for tires with a different (high or low) profile;

- after the wheel got into the pit, the disc was creased;

- after carrying out repair or replacement of elements of the chassis;

- after installation on the machine of heavy equipment, for example, HBO.

As a result of the PC procedure, in addition to improving all the characteristics related to car handling, the service life of tires increases and fuel consumption decreases.

To achieve the minimum errors in setting the corners of the RS wheels, it should be carried out at the service station, in the arsenal of which there are special stands for these purposes.Every motorist knows the "character" of his car, especially its behavior on the road. And only he must decide on the timeliness of the MS.

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