Alessandra Ambrosio first came out with a new boyfriend

Last December, Alessandra Ambrosio and her fiancé Jamie Mazur made the decision to break up after 13 years of relationship. It became known about this in March, and already in August, the supermodel was noticed in the company of another businessman - Nikolo Oddi, the founder and owner of Italian knitwear brand Alanui. The couple didn’t hide from the paparazzi, but didn’t hurry to talk about the new beloved Alessandra - until recently: at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, they first appeared together as a couple at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

About Nikolo, alas, a little bit: the green-eyed beauty of an athletic physique took up the fashion business only a couple of years ago and has not yet had time to become famous as Alessandra. But, according to the source, he has already found a common language with her two children, nine-year-old Anya Louise and five-year-old Noah. True, the former “angel” of Victoria's Secret is not going to rush things.

“I was always close with my dad, mom, sister.They taught me to be a strong, independent and motivated person, "Alessandra told in an interview. According to her, the first place in her life now is still occupied by the family and the upbringing of children, not new novels, but judging by the tender views that Ambrosio gave to her lover at the event, he is not at the very bottom of her list of interests.

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