Altera - new in cosmetology

Unfortunately, youth is transient. Reaching the age of 40+, millions of people around the world think about how to look younger. Some use innovative developments in the cosmetics industry for this, while others use the services of cosmetologists and even plastic surgeons.

Modern hardware cosmetology has recently become a real competitor of plastics, using advanced developments, one of which is Altera Systems.

A unique technique on guard of youth and beauty

Altera (Ultera) is the only hardware procedure, the action of which is directed not at the upper layer of the dermis, but at the internal muscular aponeurotic layer. Before the advent of this revolutionary apparatus, such effects were carried out exclusively by experienced surgeons. But you no longer need to be afraid to “go under the knife,” effective lifting and visible rejuvenation are possible even without surgery.

How it works?

With age, collagen fibers stretch, the skin loses its elasticity, the face "floats", wrinkles appear.Using cosmetics, you can only achieve improved appearance, but lifting the contours will remain an unattainable dream.

The basis of the Alter’s apparatus is the effect of focused ultrasound. The used and patented Deep See technology gives a specialist the opportunity to examine in detail on the monitor the internal state of the skin, and choose the optimal depth and area of ​​impact.

The thermal ultrasonic beam heats the selected areas, thereby stimulating their reduction. In addition, the heat has a beneficial effect on the production of collagen and elastin for several months after the procedure, which enhances and prolongs the effect obtained.

Benefits of the procedure

Ultrasound has proven itself in cosmetology. Its main advantage is high efficiency and absence of side effects. But besides this, Alter Systems still has a lot of advantages.

  1. Instant result. After one session, the skin will significantly change its appearance, becoming more even, toned and healthy. Small wrinkles will become almost invisible, and the facial contour noticeably tightened.
  2. Absence of risks.Surgery can often have various adverse events. Even minimal swelling, bruising, bruising, swelling can bring significant discomfort. And what to say about medical errors or undesirable changes in appearance. Altera gives a pronounced result, being absolutely safe.
  3. No need for anesthesia. During the procedure, neither anesthesia, nor cooling, nor, especially, anesthesia is required. This method is painless and will not bring any unpleasant sensations.

There are practically no drawbacks to this hardware method, which indicates its reliability.

Carrying out the procedure

Now it's time to find out how they do lifting with the help of the Altera apparatus. To begin with, the doctor will thoroughly cleanse the face of the makeup and use a special ruler to draw a facial layout that will help to properly use the ultrasonic nozzle.

Next, a special gel is applied to the skin and one half of the face is processed. After that, the patient has the opportunity to see the result. This is followed by the processing of the second part.

The total duration of the session is about 45 minutes.During exposure to ultrasound, the patient may feel hot flashes and a slight tingling sensation, which is normal.

Who is contraindicated?

Despite its security, the Altera Systems based hardware method is contraindicated in:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • infectious dermatological diseases;
  • connective tissue diseases.

Lifting with the help of the Altera apparatus is an excellent solution for those who want to achieve a quick rejuvenation effect, restore facial contours and forget about long courses. Only one procedure will make you visually younger for several years.

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