Angelina Jolie has got a dog

Six children Angelina Jolie is not enough. Last weekend, she bought another dog at the pet store. With a new four-legged member of the family, Angie got into the lens of the paparazzi on the way home with her son Knox. Brutal leash cinematographically looked in the hand of the actress, which has long been criticized for being too thin. She was wearing high heels and tried her best to keep a curious dog trying to sniff every new corner in the street.

Angelina Jolie has got a dogAngelina Jolie has got a dogAngelina Jolie has got a dogAngelina Jolie has got a dog

By the way, this is not the only dog ​​in the star family - we remember at least two more: a serious black rottweiler and a ridiculous English bulldog named Jacques, who are periodically taken by photographers. And this is not counting a couple of pugs, which, apparently, do not require long walks, so do not show up outside the gates of the stellar mansion.

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