Astrological forecast for spring-2018

With the arrival of spring, some of the planets move after the Sun into the "spring" signs of the zodiac. So, Mercury and Venus have already moved to the sign of Aries. Soon the Sun will be added to them. In many countries of the East, the New Year begins on March 21, the first day of the Sun's ascent in Aries, which symbolizes activity, growth and new beginnings.

The longest in this sign will be this year Mercury. From March 23 to April 15, he moves in a visible direction in the opposite direction. What does this mean for us? Trips and important meetings should be organized until March 23 (or already postponed to dates after April 15). During this period, business activity slows down, some difficulties in communicating with new people are not excluded. But the period is favorable for returning to old ideas, seeing friends and relatives, watching your favorite films again, or visiting memorable places.

Astrological forecast for spring-2018

Astrological forecast for spring-2018

May 13, Mercury will turn into a sign of Taurus. Do not miss this period in order to accumulate what you like best - this is the right time to replenish your collection, but this knowledge or brands will be up to you!

Venus until April 1 will be in the sign of Aries. It's time to turn someone's head, especially at the end of March. Then Venus will turn into a sign of Taurus, increasing attention to the material side of life, improving the perception of the beautiful and promoting long-term purchases. From April 23 to May 20, Venus will pass the windy sign of Gemini, supporting pleasant trips and romantic dating. It's time to flirt.

Mars will spend almost the entire spring in the "winter" sign of Capricorn, contributing to career success and supporting long-term plans. But from April 18 to April 27 he will be in the arms of Pluto - this is a period of heightened attentiveness in business. At such times, it is better to avoid clusters of people, as well as desert places, and the appointment to the dentist should be postponed for another time. But on May 27, Mars goes into the sign of Aquarius, supporting new beginnings and unusual purchases.

And at the end of May, Uranus will turn into a sign of Taurus, starting its new eight-year cycle. From now on, we can expect the most unusual changes in the material sphere. It is possible that a new form of earnings and use of money will appear. So do not cling to old values ​​and open yourself to the future.

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