Ball of CDs

Always wondered, is it possible to make a disco ball with your own hands? I tried and it turned out that you can. In order to make a disco ball with our own hands, we need a balloon, newspaper, water, paste, CDs and glue. 1. We make the basis for a disco ball using papier-mâché technique. On a balloon inflated to the required size, we stick the pieces of the newspaper soaked with water in one layer. It is better to pick a newspaper, so the edges will be better fastened. Try to pick a newspaper not in large chunks, so the surface will turn out smoother.
 Ball from CD discs
2. On the first layer of the newspaper with water, apply a layer of paste-soaked newspaper pieces. Then some more such layers for durability. It will be enough 4-5 layers. Leave the ball to dry in a warm place. When it dries, it will be quite tough and durable. We burst the ball inside the papier-mâché with a needle and thread a thread or a fishing line to hang it further.
 Ball of CDs
3. Cut the disks into squares of average size.Scissors for cutting should be sharp, they can even be pre-sharpened. We begin to glue squares on a dry ball in a circle from the largest diameter. On the upper part it is permissible to glue the remaining fragments. We use any glue suitable for such works. I use the glue that glues the ceiling tile.  Ball from CDs
4. The ball is ready. It remains only to hang it.
Ball from CDs
Doing a disco ball with your own hands is quite a laborious job. First, the disco cut into squares is hard enough. Secondly, in order to stick small particles on a ball, perseverance and accuracy are necessary. But it turns out a brilliant shimmering ball, which will be a harmonious addition to the New Year's interior.  Ball from CDs

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