Basket with flowers

Sometimes it is difficult to properly and beautifully make a bouquet, especially if there is no experience. In this case, the simplest basket will help solve the problem - it has always been and remains the best option for decorating a bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers. You do not need to be a florist to make an original gift using a simple wicker basket and flowers from satin ribbons. Basket with flowers
I suggest to try to make such a basket yourself . For work we will need such materials and tools: • Satin ribbons of bright colors • Wicker basket • Sharp scissors • Clamp for fabric • Candle or lighter • A cut of silk or satin fabric of green color • Needle • Threads of green color • A bit of foam or cotton wool • Beautiful beads or buttons • Transparent waterproof glue. First you need to make flowers which we will then fill the basket. We will make them from satin ribbons using the kuma kashi technique.Therefore, we prepare satin ribbons five centimeters wide in different colors: pink, red, burgundy, purple, white or whatever you like. You can make the same flowers - a basket with white or red flowers looks very interesting. The basis for flowers - sharp kanzashi petals. For each flower you need to make seven to eight petals.
 eight petals
Prepared petals are glued on a circle of dense tissue. As a basis for the flower, you can take a circle, cut from a satin ribbon. The edges of the mug must be burned with candles or lighters, so as not to crumble. A fairly large drop of glue is applied to the base, then petals are distributed on it. After the glue dries, and the petals are securely fixed, you need to decorate the middle of the flower. To do this, in the center of the flower, glue a beautiful large bead or button. Now the flower is ready. For a basket you need to make at least five such flowers.
 five such flowers
To place flowers in the basket, you need to prepare a special base.For this we need a small cut of silk fabric of green color and a piece of cotton or foam rubber. From foam rubber or cotton we make a ball with a diameter of 5 cm, wrap it with a cloth. The edges of the fabric from below are sewn with a string of green.  green thread We prepare the prepared green ball inside the basket and fix it with threads or glue. This is necessary in order to keep the composition securely and not fall apart with time.  Prepared green ball Now that all the preparations are complete, you can start composing the composition . Flowers are arranged in random order on a green ball, which is placed in the center of the wicker basket. First, a little glue is applied to the base of the flower, and then placed in a basket right on the ball of cloth and cotton. Thus place all the cooked flowers. Transparent water-resistant glue will provide a reliable fixation, the composition will be kept under any conditions.
composition with flowers
Such a basket with flowers will be a good gift to any celebration, be it the birthday of the best friend or the anniversary of a respectable person.

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