Dremel battery case (decoration)

How to make the new battery succinctly fit into the interior and not be boring. Create an original box for her using Dremel tools.

Materials and tools:

  1. MDF plate 13 mm thick
  2. sheet of superhard fiberboard 3 mm thick;
  3. Dremel 3000 multi-tool;
  4. Dremel cutting disc for wood (SC544);
  5. Dremel grinding belt (SC407);
  6. Dremel 7700 Multi-Tool;
  7. high-speed nozzle for 6.4 mm thread (117);
  8. Dremel glue gun (930);
  9. brackets
  10. screws;
  11. screwdriver.

Step 1

Before you start making a design box for the battery, you need to select the appropriate size of MDF sheet. It must be at least 13 cm thick, and the total surface area is one third larger than the battery.

After choosing the right size material, we put on the MDF markings to create the composite parts of the box: the upper shelf, the front part, and the side walls.

Using the Dremel 3000 tool with a wood cutting disc (SC544), we cut out all the parts of the wooden case for the battery.When working on the front part, we make holes for ventilation - under the upper shelf and at the base. Grind the edges of the cuts with a Dremel 3000 with sanding belt (SC407).

Step 2

Getting down to the decorative part of the work. We take a piece of super-hard fiberboard 3 mm thick and with the help of the Dremel 7700 and a high-speed nozzle 6.4 mm (117) we cut a patterned grid. She will decorate the constructed structure.

Step 3

To install the grille into the box, we make a cutout in the front part of the wooden case proportional to the size of the decoration. This will help Dremel 3000 disc (SC544). Do not forget that the hole for the grid should be 10 cm smaller than the area of ​​the grid. We process the edges of the cutout in the Dremel 3000 MDF sheet with sanding belt (SC407). Glue the decorative grille to the back of the front of the battery box using the Dremel glue gun (930).

Step 4

We glue all the components with the Dremel glue gun (930), and then fix them using a screwdriver and screws. Install the box close to the wall, cutting the necessary holes for pipes and baseboards. For this, we best use the Dremel 3000 c disk (SC544).Using the inner brackets we mount the box to the wall.

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