Beauty recipes: how to strengthen hair at home

Weak, dull hair, which also have a tendency to fall out. Familiar picture? Alas, many of us often face this unpleasant fact. New-fashioned tools, which so temptingly advertise artificial beauties from TV screens, are powerless in the “battle” for an ideal, thick, shiny hair. Then we remember the “grandmothers” recipes of beauty - and in fact they, as a rule, turn out to be the most effective.

Ways to strengthen hair at home: truth and myths

On numerous promotional videos, young ladies after the first use of miracle products get an unsurpassed result: thick, flowing, silky curls. Of course, in fact, everything is not quite. More precisely, not at all. Any cosmetic, therapeutic or folk remedy should be applied systemically, for several months in a row, and sometimes for years. On what method to stop? - Decide for yourself!
Ways to strengthen hair at home: truth and myths

  1. Medical cosmetics for hair. These funds can be found only on the pharmacy shelves. As a rule, shampoos, masks, balms, oils for the hair of the pharmacy are somewhat more expensive than widely advertised cosmetic analogues. But the composition of pharmaceutical cosmetics is somewhat different from what they sell on the market or in stores. So - maybe you should pay a little to get the desired effect? The most common brands that produce remedies for creating flawless curls: Vichy, Guam, Lanier, Placent Formula.
  2. Professional cosmetics. This option is also expensive, but it is actively used by professionals, master hairdressers. And, then, it is also worth paying attention to. If desired, miracle makeup can be purchased from your master hairdresser. In addition, a specialist can always get a free consultation on the selection of the best tools, as well as learn how to properly, how often to use the contents of the magic bottle. The most common brands loved by professionals are: Kerastase, Biolage, Maroccanoil, Estelle, FarmaVita.
  3. Mass-market. This is exactly what they tirelessly advertise in the media.Obvious advantages of this cosmetics - low price, wide distribution, brand awareness. Cons - there are many fakes that will not only be ineffective, but can even cause irreparable harm to locks. Among the most famous producers are the products of Wella, Schwarzkopf, L'Oreal, Garnier.
  4. Folk remedies. This is perhaps the most affordable, effective, harmless way to "cure" curls. And also give them the desired thickness, return healthy shine. Numerous masks from common products - really have a beneficial effect on the hair. Masks with the addition of eggs, black bread, burdock, castor or olive oil, sour milk products, herbal medicinal herbs - are able to create real miracles!

Strengthen hair at home with folk remedies

Strengthen hair at home with folk remedies
Here the main thing - do not be lazy! Only then the desired result will not take long!

  1. Castor or burdock oil. This tool perfectly nourishes the hair, and its application on the tips prevents the cross-section, brittleness. It is recommended to apply oil daily, with the addition of lemon or birch sap. You can also mix two types of oil.
  2. Masks on the basis of rye bread. Recommended for fat-prone hair. All that is needed is to pour 150 g of bread with boiling water, soften it, and then apply it overnight, carefully rubbing it into the scalp. After 15-20 minutes - you can wash off the mask under running warm water. Another folk remedy based on black bread, yolk, mustard powder, vitamins A and E will allow you to restore damaged hair. Add some burdock oil if the strands are dry or dull.
  3. Means from fermented milk products. A mask made of kefir or sour milk will help restore a healthy shine to curls. In addition, it is very effective against excessive oily hair.
  4. Herbal decoctions. The magic "tea" of chamomile with the addition of honey helps to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles. Nettle decoction, infused for seven hours, helps to strengthen the roots and hair growth. It is necessary just a few times a week, before washing the head, to rub the product into the scalp and hair roots. Broth based on oak bark effectively fight dandruff, contribute to the rapid restoration of curls.
  5. Egg masks. Protein mask will eliminate the problems of oily hair.A yolk with the addition of honey and black bread (burdock oil, mustard powder) will restore the hair after staining or perm, restore its strength, shine, healthy appearance.

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