What dreams berries

In the dream book berries can have both positive and negative interpretations. Most often, they portend events in the life of the sleeper, and what his future will be depends on various details of sleep.

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berries in a dream
Dreamed of berries, dream book

Small Veles dream

see - good luck;

eat - to the disease;

black - loss, grief;

red - joy;

whites - there will be news;

tear - to avoid the machinations of the enemy;

dried - someone close will get sick.

Gypsy dream book

You saw berries in a dream - you will cry. To make jam from berries - to an unexpected profit, but to eat it or berries - to diseases.

Dream for the whole family

to collect - small, unnecessary troubles are coming to you;

there are berries - soon you can have fun, unwind, have fun;

unripe - you have conceived a matter in which you cannot be impatient;

worms - troubles will come from a person from the inner circle;

sell - will be the hassle associated with finding money and additional income.

The dream of the witch Medea

Berries in a dream - a symbol of the fact that you will receive well-deserved praise, financial reward and respect for your work. Collect berries - to reap the fruits of their labors.To see and eat red, sweet berries - to a large financial profit, inheritance.

Esoteric dream book

Dreams with berries say that everything that you have in mind and do, will come true. The dream foreshadows a fortunate set of circumstances, the imminent completion of a large project, financial profit. Sleep confirms the correctness of your actions in real life.

Female dream book

to make jam is wealth;

berries in the snow - you make a mistake, which then you will very much regret;

many berries - win the victory;

red - to trouble, tears.

Muslim dream book

Collect berries in a dream - to engage in complex business in reality. Eat the collected berries - your work will be appreciated, and you will receive a great reward. To sprinkle berries - to lose everything earned on its own stupidity. The red berry is great wealth.

Psychoanalytic dream book

If sleeping in a dream sees berries - in his sex life is complete harmony. I symbolize the years of pleasure, carnal pleasures. Unripe berries may indicate that the sleeper feels uncomfortable in bed with a partner.

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