Beyoncie gave birth to twins

Beyonce and Jay Z, who bring up Ivy's 5-year-old daughter, are congratulating on the birth of twins, and this is not a rumor: Entertainment Weekly and People reported. It was expected that the star couple will give birth to sons, but, as it turned out, this is a boy and a girl, like the family of Clooney. Babies were born a week ago (June 12) in one of the clinics in Los Angeles, but parents wanted to enjoy a joyful event in the family circle and did not hurry to share information with the press. As the tabloids managed to find out, the twins and mother feel well and are ready to return home, where they have a children's room with their own mini planetarium, for which, according to the most conservative estimates, parents spent half a million dollars. That for the couple, which, according to Forbes, last year earned 107.5 million dollars, in general, quite a bit.

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