Brief instructions for opening a cafe

The restaurant business has always remained profitable, including the first eateries or taverns, if properly organized. Creating a restaurant is a large-scale and ambitious project, a cafe is less costly in all respects.

Before answering the question: How to open a cafe, you need to determine the budget, draw up a business plan, find out what documents are needed. This will help in a brief instruction on the opening of the cafe.

Where to begin?

Showcase desserts in a cafe

Many people think that opening a cafe is worth starting with finding a room or developing a business plan. It is best to start with the budget and plan further actions from it. Decide how much money you are willing to spend and develop a business plan from this amount, having previously studied the market.

Cafe concept

To begin developing a business plan, determine the target visitors, menus, location and unique differences from competitors. Pricing policy must comply with the chosen cafe format.If you decide to open a youth cafe, definitely expensive dishes and drinks are inappropriate.

Business registration

Who opens a cafe, usually register IP or LLC. PI is much easier and more profitable to open, but alcohol can not be sold. Only a legal entity can obtain a sale license. The benefit of IP is that you can build work on the patent system of taxation.

If it is decided to open a cafe in the form of LLC, the optimal form of taxation is UTII (single tax on imputed income) or "vmenenka". In this case, the cafe premises should not exceed 150 sq.m. Individual entrepreneurs sometimes choose USN (simplified taxation system) or “simplified payment system”, but they advise a more favorable form - PSN (patent). In this situation, the room should not exceed 50 sq.m. (only the service hall is considered). Approximate annual cost of the patent is 180,000 rubles. If you open several cafes, the hall area of ​​which does not exceed 50 square meters, and all of them are located in the same subject, a patent is needed one.

Accounting documentation and tax records can be maintained independently or resort to the help of online services.

Documents and Permissions

To open a cafe will need a lot of various permits and approvals.If redevelopment is necessary in the selected premises, a technical project, conclusion, project of reorganization and documentation related to the communication of the room and electricity supply will be required. Such work can be performed by a special project organization that has a license for this type of activity.

The documentation should be coordinated with the SES (where it is still necessary to receive notification of the beginning of the activity), the fire department, the architect, the city or district administration. For the sale of alcohol will need a license. In order not to be mistaken in the paperwork, it is better to use the services of a lawyer.

How to choose a room

Stylish room in a cafe

The room is practically the main factor in the success of a venture. The most dependent on the location of the institution of economy class, when you have to function in the lower point of the price category.

  • The institution should be located as close as possible to the intended consumer (recreation areas, place of work, study or residence).
  • Expensive restaurants are opened more often in the center, in expensive and prestigious buildings or premises. Cafe economy class - in sleeping areas.
  • It is not worth the risk and rent a room where previously was located unprofitable cafe.
  • The premises must meet the requirements of SanPiN (water, electricity, sewage) and planned loads.
  • Find out if the selected room is in the zone of reconstruction or scrapping. If the premises have been repaired with redevelopment, look at the documents for registration of its legality.
  • Find out whether it is possible to put a sign on the facade on the facade, specify what restrictions exist for advertising in this place. Consider the convenience of the entrance and the possibility of parking.

Requirements for the room

Detailed requirements for catering facilities are contained in SanPiN Consider the most important. The premises should be planned taking into account fire safety and meet the standards. For example, the entrance to the trading hall should be on the street side, and in the storage rooms - from the side of the yard.

The composition of the premises

  1. Warehouses.Stored food. Must be equipped with refrigerators. In uncooled pantries store dry food and vegetables.
  2. Washing. Bathtubs for washing with compartments for washing and rinsing dishes.Nearby is the dryer.
  3. Vegetable shop. Sorted, washed and processed vegetables. If there is no place for the workshop, a separate table for processing vegetables will be suitable.
  4. Processing tablemeatandfish processing table. If there is no possibility to create a separate workshop.
  5. Cold shop. Cold snacks (salads, sandwiches, desserts) are produced.
  6. Hot shop. A separate room where cookers are installed, ovens, a refrigerator, prepare hot meals and snacks. If the area allows, you can createconfectionary shopandhandout.

ATshopping areathere must be a showcase with the products offered to customers, a wardrobe, a bathroom for visitors.

Recruitment and recruitment

Many visitors to the cafe

The most difficult stage in starting a business. If you have never had to deal with such a procedure before, they use the services of professional recruiters. Try not to attract friends to the business, there is a good expression “friendship is friendship, and money apart,” you can just ruin relations with some of them forever. The number of staff depends on the size of the cafe.

The first task is to find a cook.Ideally, hire a chef, cooks and kitchen workers. This staff works in shifts. In a small cafe, one cook does the kitchen work, with the exception of washing dishes and cleaning the room.

The cafe will need an administrator, a barman and a waiter. Look not only at the appearance, but also at the ability to deal with people. Resourcefulness, restraint and interpersonal skills are the main qualities of an administrator and waiter.

Purchase of food products

The application for products and the calculation is usually made by the chef, but at the first purchases it is better to take part and you. Cooks buy food with some reserve, but if the cafe is just opened, it is better to take a little bit of everything. On the "promotion" cafe will take time.

Be careful when choosing suppliers. Sometimes, instead of a single order, others are brought in or not at all. With such suppliers leave immediately and do not listen to a lot of excuses. Look for reliable partners.

As soon as you open, get ready for an influx of sales representatives from a wide variety of supplier companies. Do not rush to the first advantageous offer, carefully study the price lists and select the most profitable offer.If you have decided on suppliers, strictly follow the expiration date of the imported products, sometimes they may slip expired goods.

Carefully work with suppliers for implementation. It is tempting: the goods are there, it remains to sell and pay for the products, but the realities are completely different. You can not have time to sell everything, but with the suppliers have to pay all the same.

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Open a cafe really even on a limited budget. However, in order for the child to become the main profitable business, you will have to work very hard, calculate the risks as much as possible and think about how to avoid them.

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