Broken glass - simple but interesting cake

To surprise guests or relatives with an unusual and tasty dessert, it is not necessary to be a first-class pastry chef and spend large sums to buy the right products. It is enough to carefully examine the contents of your cookbook, in which you will certainly find something useful, or, for lack thereof, read our article. Today we offer to decorate a festive table with an original sweet delicacy called “broken glass”.

Budget and not banal

In fact, this cake is a jelly, which consists of several parts - the main, usually white, and colored multi-colored pieces, which create the effect of glass. This easy-to-cook delicacy is ideal for summer celebrations. Cool, natural and tasty, it is also suitable for the menu of children's parties.

In addition, such a recipe will be a real lifesaver for those who do not have an oven, or the quality of baking in it leaves much to be desired.

So let's learn how to cook the classic version. From the products will be needed:

  • jelly with various additives - 3 pack;
  • sour cream - 400 g;
  • gelatin - 20 g;
  • sugar - 200 g;
  • fruit.

The contents of the bags of sweet jellied pour in separate containers, pour boiling water, mix thoroughly and leave to cool, then send to the refrigerator. Do this in advance, so that the mass had time to freeze by the time of dessert.

Gelatin dissolve in water and allow to swell. At this time, sour cream mixed with sugar. To speed up the process, you can do it on low heat, but do not heat it up much.

Cut the finished multi-colored jelly and fruit into small pieces, put in a bowl or form. Add sour gelatin, stir and also pour into the form. Gently mix, so that the particles of "glass" and fruit are evenly distributed inside. Refrigerate for several hours.

To make the sweet dish easier to remove from the mold over time, you can put it in 30-40 seconds in a basin of hot water.

There is no limit to perfection

If you want the delicacy prepared by you to become even tastier, then you can choose one of the following options:

With biscuit

For the basics will be needed:

  • flour - 200 g;
  • sugar - 200 g;
  • eggs - 3 pcs.

At first, eggs with sugar are whipped until foam appears. After they are gradually added flour. Biscuit is baked from the resulting dough (20-30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees), which should be allowed to cool.

Jelly to cook, as in the previous recipe, after which you can start the "assembly" of the cake. To do this, break the biscuit into small pieces, and crushing, put in the form. Spread out colored “glasses” and fruits from above, then repeat the layers again. Add sour cream to the ingredients and send to the fridge.

With a cookie

Easy dessert can be made with such a foundation. First, as in the previous versions, you need to make a multi-colored jellied. After that, break the biscuit into small pieces, put it on the bottom of the container and lay it on top of the pieces of colored “glass”, and then pour the sour cream over it. Wait for freezing and serve.

With cottage cheese

Of course, this is a more satisfying and high-calorie version of “broken glass”, but no less tasty. This dessert is an excellent alternative to the usual cottage cheese with sour cream or casserole, which children refuse.They definitely won't miss the tasting of such a bright delicacy. Here's what you need from the products:

  • biscuit cookies - 200-300 g;
  • color jelly - 3 pack;
  • curd - 300 g;
  • sour cream - 400 g;
  • sugar - 1.5 st;
  • gelatin - 20 g

Cookies to break into pieces and put a thick layer on the bottom of the mold. In order for the biscuit not to lag behind the main mass, it needs to be smashed with a fork, there the base will be better soaked. Make a pre-colored jelly cut and lay on the base. Pour all the creamy mass, prepared from grated cottage cheese, mixed with sour cream and sugar, with the addition of gelatin. Refrigerate for several hours.

Those who watch their figure can use low-fat yogurt as a basis, then the sweet treat will be even less calorie. And if time is sorely lacking, you can simplify the recipe, and use marmalade sliced ​​into thin slices for colored “glass”.

As you can see, you do not need to be a great craftsman to create a small culinary masterpiece. Broken glass cake is a great treat for children and adults, as well as a great alternative to regular cakes. It is easy to divide it into portions, and a bright, colorful cut will surely awaken your guests' appetite.

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