Broken nails are a big problem. How to get rid of fragility?

Do you dream of strong claws that will not only look great in photos, but also make you happy every day? Do you want to wear bright nail polish on your nails, but the reality is frustrating?

There is always a way out. You will only have to choose suitable options for yourself, the best of which will be prompted by the master, who completed the manicure courses, pedicure, and Moscow - a city of great opportunities, where you will find your specialist.

Build up nails. If your claws are very thin and brittle, a solution that may seem like the easiest is to increase it in a few hours. Choose a good master who will choose the most gentle option in your case. Give up, no matter how tempting the idea may seem, from building up stilettos, very long tips. Long artificial ones will exert extreme pressure on their brittle plates, which will not give an opportunity to hold on for analogs for a long time.They can break, delivering a lot of pain. Fingernails of small length, natural shape - what you need. A good master who has completed a manicure course will be able to hold a nail extension using the needs of your plates.

Strengthen the nails with gel. If there are no contraindications, lesions with a fungus, it is reasonable to strengthen the native nail plate with a transparent gel. This is a fast and safe procedure for the plate, which is carried out in salon conditions. The native nail, hidden by the underlayer of the healing gel, will have time to get stronger, and will not be attacked by harmful chemicals.

Strengthen the nails with masks, compresses and baths. The most effective way, but the longest in time. This is not a one-time procedure, day after day it will be necessary to devote time to quality care, but a tangible result will be noticeable in a month. It will be enough just to find suitable ways to strengthen. The specialist, who completed the courses of pedicure manicurers, will recommend professional care products.

Paraffin masks, baths with salt and essential oils diluted in olive oil, serving as a base, cuticle oil, to accelerate growth - it is easy to find the entire range of care products in the pharmacy.It is not enough to buy the whole arsenal and put it in a closet - only daily care will guarantee that in a month you will get stylish, healthy nails that will calmly transfer bright varnishes, and the surface of the plates will please the natural shine.

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