Brooch from “Maroon Luxury”

As often when planning their weekend outfit, the fair sex think about an extraordinary, bright and elegant accessory that will effectively complement any evening dress or costume. Brooch of “Maroon Luxury” felt is ideal for clothes of black, gray, subdued pink, purple or lilac color. It will take you no more than an hour to make it. At the same time, even an ordinary black dress with this brooch will become an exquisite evening dress. So let's get started ...
 For making felt brooches
For making brooches from" Burgundy luxury "you will need:
  • Small cuts of burgundy and gray felt;
  • Beads and rhinestones to decorate the product;
  • Brooch clasp;
  • Moment-Crystal glue;
  • Scissors, needles, threads, chalk.
 longitudinal cuts
1) From felt it is necessary to cut out the details of the brooches: 1 - a large burgundy flower, 3 - small burgundy flowers, 1 - a gray leaf.Do not forget to make round holes in the flowers in the middle and longitudinal cuts in each of the petals (the pattern is shown in the figure).
arching them along the seam
2) In each of the colors, seams should be made along longitudinal cuts, as shown in the figure. For this it is best to use a stitch seam, because it makes the product neat and durable. After completing the work with a single flower, gently straighten the petals, arching them along the seam. In the middle of the parts should remain round holes.
we sew to the piece of paper
3) You can make the initial version of the brooch from stitched colors. To do this, we fix one small flower in the center of a large one with several stitches. The resulting structure is sewn to the leaflet. On the sides we attach the two remaining small flowers.
 decorate with brooch with rhinestones and decorative
4) Decorate with Moment-Crystal glue brooch with rhinestones and decorative stones. We sew beads and beads.When making a leaflet, you can put a chain stitch over it, imitating veins or decorate it with beads in the form of dew drops. In general, you can create a design based on your own fantasy, but to a greater extent beads that imitate natural pearls will suit this color combination.
 Brooch from the fert
5 ) On the reverse side of the brooch with threads or glue we fasten the clasp. In order for the design to be stronger, it is desirable to lay a small circle of felt between it and the product. Sewing on the buckle, pay attention to what position the brooch will take in the finished form.
Brooch of the ferret
The brooch made of felt "Burgundy luxury" is ready! It remains only to choose a fitting outfit to an elegant and stylish accessory. Remember that felt products are now at the peak of popularity in the fashion world. They are relevant as with clothes made of warm heavy fabrics, as well as with light summer dresses and sundresses. Any jewelry made of precious metals and jewelry is suitable for felt brooches. Useful tips:
  • For the “Burgundy Luxury” brooch, it’s best to use a medium-thickness firt ,because the petals of flowers look more tender in this case;
  • When working, it is desirable to use transparent glue, as it leaves no traces;
  • It is best to use sewing for sewing the tone of which is somewhat darker than the color of the felt.

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