Alexandra Gureeva
Business trainer

Business consultant, entrepreneur. The author of the projects is the Closed Club for Women Entrepreneurs, where it helps women to gain the necessary support and motivation;Gureeva tvwhere once a week with the help of simple tactics helps to take a step forward in the development of their business and Business Practice - the first program in Russia to develop business skills for women.

For more than 5 years, she has specialized in advising entrepreneurs and small businesses. According to Alexandra, women's approaches in business are significantly different from men's. Properly selected strategies help women develop their projects much faster and with less stress.

Education: Moscow State University. V. M. Lomonosova, Faculty of Economics, Specialization Management

Additionally: RANEPA, Institute of Business and Business Administration, General and Strategic Management University of Virginia, Developing innovative ideas for new companies

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Hello! All my life I wanted to succeed in work, career, but apparently chose the wrong business, or I am such an average worker. The results are average and, as a result, the work has become a burden.


Hello, Alexandra,

Tell me, what level of development of your own business can you call the proud words “own business”, and what is only self-employment in reality? Where is this border? How not to deceive yourself (first of all)? Thank you!


Hello, I'm Anna 29.01.


I want to open my own small business, (cafe, boutique), but here you make a plan .... it remains quite a bit like that. I postpone for later and so it is postponed. I'm afraid, as they say, after being left with nothing. Since the three minor children.


Alexandra, hello! I am a psychologist, I plan to start my private practice. Now I am undergoing additional training on the issue in the solution of which I will help my clients. Training ends in July.

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