Candle-lamp from a lamp

Materials and tools:

  1. incandescent lamp
  2. wick (for example cotton laces);
  3. metal bottle cap
  4. big puck;
  5. 2 small magnets;
  6. drill (or nail, awl), drill;
  7. Scotch;
  8. kerosene and lamp oil

Step 1

Take a light bulb and sort it out: using a drill or pliers, remove the "black glass" from the base, then take a cross-head screwdriver, thread it into the resulting hole and break the inside of the lamp with a light blow and take it out through the hole in the base. If the lamp is modern and covered inside with white matter, then it must be removed - for this we put sand into the lam (ordinary sand is best suited for this) and pour water and shake, continue “rinsing” until we remove all the coating, then pour the contents and rinse with water.  

Step 2

After you have cleaned the lamp inside and washed it well. Take the lid from the bottle and the wick (cotton lace). In the center of the cover we will make a hole a little less than the thickness of the lace.We will extend the string through the hole in the roof, lower the string into the lamp and wrap the lid, the end of the lanyard should lie on the bottom of the lamp, then leave a small piece of wick over the lid and cut off everything else. Remove the lid and put it off.

Step 3

Let's make a foundation. Take one magnet and put it in a light bulb. Take the washer and another magnet and fix the magnet inside (in the center) of the washer with the help of an adhesive tape. Now install the light bulb on the base, thanks to the two magnets, the light bulb will always be fixed to the base firmly enough and at the same time it can be tilted (put in any position) and it will hold.

Step 4

Take the base and the light bulb, install the light bulb on the base - the candle lamp is almost ready. Fill the bulb with 2-3 teaspoons of oil (kerosene), take the cap with the wick and twist the cap onto the base of the bulb. Let's wait until the wick is saturated with oil, you may have to put some oil on the outer end of the wick. All Candle lamp from the lamp is ready, set on fire.

Warning:despite the fact that the light bulb is fixed by magnets to the base, the mount is not strong and you have to be very careful in handling the lamp in order not to accidentally touch or knock it over.

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