Carols - Russian folk Christmas songs. Texts and notes of Russian carols for Christmas for children and adults

KR-001Festive Christmas carols are Russian folk ritual songs, which were performed for Christmas and during the holy days during the traditional round of houses (caroling). In the old days, children and adults sang them, moving from one household to another. In beautiful and touching short texts, caroling men praised the miraculous birth of the infant Christ and wished the hosts prosperity, family happiness, everyday joys and excellent harvest in the coming year. Speakers were always warmly thanked and encouraged by various gifts and food for well-executed carols. In the ritual red bag, decorated with gold stars, throwing candies, lollipops, buns, kulebyaki, gingerbread, fruit and even small coins.The greatest success enjoyed children's short carols. Adults listened to them with special trepidation and pleasure, and then generously and richly awarded small artists with all sorts of goodies.

Russian folk carols - short, cool songs for Christmas

In order to keep the traditions and collect a bag full of very tasty presents for Christmas, you will have to carefully prepare for the holiday and memorize short, funny and funny texts of Russian folk carols. The brighter and more original it will be possible to perform these perky songs, the more candies, gingerbread, fruit and coins will be presented to grapemen by grateful listeners. But before you start the presentation, do not forget to ask the owners of the house for permission to speak to them with short laudatory verses and cheerful, daring carols. Of course, no one will deny this, but, according to the ancient ritual, the question must be asked.


If caroling is done by senior schoolchildren, students or young people of 22-30 years old, it makes sense to pre-select suitable carols and rehearse them several times so that all participants remember the words of the text and the sequence of verses.Only a clear, well-coordinated and beautiful number will give the owners the desire to generously give koliadnikov presents and delicious, and the company of adults who forget the text of carols and embarrassed their actions, will look ridiculous and will prompt the idea to slam the door as soon as possible so as not to spoil your joyful and pleasant mood .


Koljadaem, koljadaem
We wander from family to family
We will tell you poems,
Give us pies

Well, it would be better coins
We will buy the candy ourselves,
And a handful of nuts,
And take the wine thimble!


Coleda - molode,
White beard,
Nose - a bowl,
Head - a bast basket
Hands - sabels,
Feet - rake,
Come on New Year's Eve,
To magnify honest people!


You master, do not torment
Give it as soon as possible!
And as the current frost
Do not order to stand for a long time
He orders us to serve soon:
Either from the oven pies,
Or money penny,
Or soup pot!
God bless you
Full yard of the bellies!
And in the stable of horses,
In the calf barn,
In the cabin guys
And in the backs of kittens!

Children's Russian folk carols for Christmas and Christmas time


With boys and girls of preschool and primary school age, you can learn Russian children's folk carols.Thus, the guys in an unobtrusive game form will get acquainted with ancient traditions and join the elements of the ancient Slavic culture. And sweets, candies, cookies and gingerbread cookies, put into the Christmas bag by admiring owners, will be a pleasant incentive to memorize as many texts of children's carols as possible.

For the smallest performers suitable short baby carols from one or two verses. 3-5 year old children simply will not remember a larger amount of text, and it does not make sense to force them. It is better to help to master several short children's carols that the children will easily learn and will sing beautifully in front of their neighbors, relatives and friends. After all, none of the parents simply would not risk letting their offspring away from home in the dark.

It makes sense for children aged 6-8 years to pick up longer children's carols from 2-4 verses for the performance. Boys and girls of this age will remember such amount of text without any difficulty and at the right time will please with bright performance of parents, close friends and relatives. Carols can be included in the program of matinees, which are held on the eve of Christmas in kindergartens, institutes, colleges and schools.Colorful numbers will pleasantly revive the show and will create an additional festive atmosphere in children's educational institutions.


Good evening to kind people!
Let the holiday be fun.
Merry Christmas congratulations.
We wish you happiness and joy!
Generous evening, good evening!
Good people for health!


Kalyada came
Christmas Eve
Who will give the cake
That is full of cattle,
Ovin with oats
A stallion with a tail!
Who will not give the cake, Tom chicken leg,
Pest, yes shovel,
Humpback cow.


Kolyada, kolyada,
We open all the houses
All windows, trunks,
We give sweets and pies,
So that it will be good for you
Say thank heaven,
God will give health to all of us
After all, he is ready for this!

Text and notes of Russian folk carols for kindergarten and school

Children wearing traditional clothes take part in Orthodox Christmas Eve celebration in the dark Ukrainian city of Lviv on January 6, 2014, AFP PHOTO / YURIY DYACHYSHYN

You can learn Russian children's carols not only at home, but also at school and in kindergarten. To memorize texts quickly and easily, they are better to rehearse to the music. The number of such works is more than simple and it can be mastered by any adult person who is at least familiar with the musical certificate. It will be much easier for babies to perceive the words and rhythm of children's carols, backed up by a simple, fervent melody.

If you are supposed to play carols during a children's matinee, you can play the accompanying melody on the piano, which is available in the assembly halls of almost all schools and kindergartens. When there is no such musical instrument at the disposal of the children's institution, an accordion, a balalaika, a guitar and even a violin will do.

Older children will surely enjoy singing carols at school, accompanying the text by playing percussion instruments. This will give the room a modern style and vivid originality. In this way, it will be possible to combine in one speech elements of folklore and fashionable pieces of musical styles accepted among the youth. The most creative students will like to read children's carols in the manner of popular repersky texts or accompany the numbers with spectacular dance compositions and costumed performances.

Those who plan to go caroling around houses and apartments, of course, will not want to carry with them some musical instrument, and, among other things, it will be very inconvenient. Therefore, there are only two possible options: sing the short text of the carol without music, or grab a small audio player with a small portable speaker and play a suitable melody on it.By the way, portable mini-acoustics can be connected even to a mobile phone, which has already been downloaded from the Internet music, suitable as an accompaniment to short, merry Christmas carols.

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