Cherry compotes for the winter of frozen berries, with and without stones, with apples. A simple recipe for cherry compote without sterilization


Of all the hostesses, all the hostesses cook the compote for the winter, but everyone chooses the way of cooking according to their own taste. Some prefer the recipes with pits, others, despite the complexity, remove the inside of each berry, and others make juicy fruit platter and combine cherries with other berries. From all the variety we have chosen the best canning recipes with a photo and offer them to your attention. Cook with pleasure and please your family and friends with refreshing, healthy and invigorating drinks.

Cherry compote for the winter - a recipe with fragrant herbs

The lemon zest, which is part of the composition, gives the sweet dish a light, savory acidity, and mint makes the aroma more saturated and bright.The refined and delicate taste of this drink makes even the most hardened skeptics look at the home-made preparations for the winter in general and the compote of cherries in particular.


Necessary ingredients for compote for winter

  • cherry - 500 g
  • lemon zest - 4 tbsp
  • sugar - 1 st
  • water - 4 l
  • fresh mint - 4 sprigs

Step-by-step instructions for making cherry compote for winter

  1. Cherry free from stalks, wash and dry.VKZ-006
  2. Combine water with sugar and bring to a boil over medium heat.VKZ-007
  3. Pour the berries into the syrup and cook for 15 minutes. Then put the sprigs of mint and continue cooking for another 10 minutes. Then remove from the stove, remove the mint, and put the liquid and berries in suitable sized jars, roll up, turn them upside down, cover with a rug and cool.VKZ-008
  4. In a day, when the compote will reach room temperature, put it in a dry, cool place, where the sun's rays do not reach.

Compote from pitted cherries for winter, delicious recipe


Cherry compote brewed according to this recipe turns out to be very rich, sweet and concentrated. If you do not like too bright tastes, you can slightly reduce the amount of sugar in the cooking process or, already in winter, directly at the time of opening the can,dilute the drink with boiled or filtered water in a suitable proportion for yourself.

Essential ingredients for seedless compote

  • freshly picked cherry
  • sugar at the rate of ½ kg per 1 liter of water

Step-by-step instruction for the recipe of cherry compote

  1. A large, dense cherry should be peeled off from the pedicels and leaves, well washed, dried on a kitchen towel and removed with a special tool or conventional hairpin.
  2. Dry cans fill the fruits to the shoulders.
  3. Pour water into an enamel pot and bring it to a boil on high heat. When the liquid begins to actively bubble, reduce the level of heat, add sugar and cook until the sugar crystals dissolve completely. Stir with a wooden spoon from time to time.
  4. Pour the berries with boiling syrup so that the water completely covers them.
  5. Place the cans with compote in a vat of hot water, cover the top with pre-boiled tin lids, heat to a temperature of 85 degrees and sterilize from 15 minutes to half an hour depending on the volume of the cans.
  6. At the expiration of the allotted time to roll up, cool naturally and put in a cool room, where the sun's rays do not penetrate.

Cherry compote with pits - recipe for winter


This recipe can be classified as "lazy" ways to prepare a compote of cherries. It is ideal for those who do not have plenty of free time for home canning, but despite this, still wants to prepare for the winter for relatives and friends a few jars of tasty, aromatic and invigorating vitamin drink.

Necessary ingredients for recipe compote with pits

  • cherry - depending on the desired volume of blanks
  • granulated sugar - at the rate of 350 grams per 1 liter of water

Step-by-step instruction recipe cherry compote for the winter

  1. Cherry, wormy and spoiled fruit to throw away. Ripe, whole berries cleaned from stalks, washed and put in a kitchen sieve to dry well.
  2. Pour the required amount of water into a deep enameled pan, add sugar according to the proportions and bring to a boil over medium heat. Boil the syrup for 15 minutes and stir it regularly so that the sugar crystals dissolve into the water as quickly as possible. Then remove from heat and cool to room temperature.
  3. Dry and clean jars filled with berries to the shoulders and pour cool sweet syrup.
  4. Place cans with semi-finished product in a deep container with water and sterilize the required amount of time (depending on the size of the container from 15 to 30 minutes).
  5. Quickly roll up pre-boiled lids, turn upside down, roll up with a blanket and leave to cool for a day. Then put away in the pantry or basement and get it in the winter.

Cherry compote without sterilization for the winter - a delicious recipe


This is a very simple way to quickly and effortlessly make a winter cherry compote. You do not even need to spend time sterilizing the product. It is enough just to pour the peeled berries with a bitter syrup twice, and then carefully close the cans with iron lids. The finished drink will please a pleasant, invigorating taste, and cinnamon will enrich it with spicy and bright spicy notes.

Essential ingredients for cherry recipe without sterilization

  • cherry - 2 kg
  • sugar - 800 g
  • water - 6 l
  • cinnamon - ½ tsp

Step-by-step instructions for the recipe for cherry compote sterilization

  1. Wash the cherries, dry and free from stones.
  2. Peeled berries are arranged in sterilized jars so that the berries occupy about ½ of the total volume.
  3. Boil water over high heat, pour berries with it, cover with lids and leave for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Then pour the fruit liquid back into the pan, add a glass of warm water to boil, add sugar and cinnamon, stir two hundred to boil and boil the syrup until the sugar granules completely dissolve in the liquid.
  5. Pour jars of cherries with hot syrup and roll up very quickly. Turn the lids down, cover with a thick cloth or blanket and cool to room temperature. After a day, put it in the basement or storage room and get it during the winter cold.

Frozen cherry compote for the winter - a simple recipe


Compote from freshly ripe cherry, probably, at least once cooked every hostess. But few have tried to use frozen berries for such a recipe. And it is absolutely in vain, because the finished drink is not inferior to its, so to speak, “fresh” counterpart. In addition, there is one more plus in frozen berries: you can make tasty and sweet homemade preparations from them at any time of the year, and not only at the moment of the season, when there is an active harvest of natural berries.

Necessary ingredients for frozen cherry compote

  • frozen cherry - ½ kg
  • water - 2 l
  • sugar - 12 tbsp
  • citric acid - ½ tsp

Step by step instructions for making compote for the winter of frozen berries

  1. Pour water into an enamel pot, add sugar and mix well.
  2. Add unfrozen berries and boil on medium heat for 15 minutes.
  3. At the end add citric acid, boil for 1-2 minutes, remove from heat, pour into cans and roll up quickly. Turn upside down, cover with a blanket and cool completely.

How to quickly make a compote of cherries and apples for the winter, the recipe for video

Learning how to make a winter compote from a cherry with a recipe from a photo is not difficult, but when you have a video with a detailed description of each step, the process becomes simpler and simpler. In the video, the author stops in great detail on all the intricacies of preparing a canned drink for the winter, explains why compotes with stones are stored less than seedless counterparts and reveals several useful secrets related to homemade fruit preparations.

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