Children's gum "Sun"

Each girl is a real princess for her family and friends, therefore she should have appropriate decorations. For example, a charming gum "sun" will be a great addition for braids.
 Children's gum Sun
To create it you should prepare: - glue gun.- ribbon with a width of 1 cm of green color. - ribbon with a width of 5 cm of a yellow shade. - scissors. - medium-sized beads of a golden color. - tweezers. - sewing needle with thread. - an elastic band. Sequence of actions. Of a yellow ribbon you need to cut a square you, whose sides should be 5 cm in length. Such details will require 5 pieces. Now the obtained parts should be given the shape of a triangle, with the help of addition.
cut squares
Now you need to thread the needle and make a simple seam around the edge of the triangle.This seam should run along all slices of the part 2-3 mm from the edge.
 make a simple seam
After this, the thread cannot be cut, instead the seam you made need to pull tight to the fabric gathered tight folds. Only after that the stitch should be fastened with several additional stitches and cut the thread. Now uneven cuts can be carefully burned by fire, but it is important to ensure that the seam does not burn. Then you can straighten the folds of the petal.
Now from the remaining yellow squares you you need to make the same details. After that, you need to cut 12 lengths of 7 cm each from a light green tape 1 cm wide.
make the same details
From these segments you need to make petals. For this, the segment should be placed face up, and without turning, without twisting, fold the edges together one on another.
 make petals
You should melt connected sections together with fire .Following these steps you need to make the petals of the remaining segments. When all the details are ready, you can proceed to the connection of the flower. To do this, taking 6 light green petals you need to glue them together in a circle, gradually around the circumference imposing their edges on each other. The result should be two flowers.
 United slices
Now you need to paste them one on another along their center.
 paste them one on another
After that, they can be put aside for a while and make a flower out of yellow petals. They must also be glued together in a circle.
 make a flower
Now you need pending lime circles, because you need to glue a yellow flower to them.
child gum Sun
You need to glue the center of the obtained inflorescence with beads.
 children's gum Sun
Now you just have to attach the gum to the base of the flower. baby gum
Decoration is ready!

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