Choosing a ring with coral

Coral is the outer skeleton of polyps, to which jewelers, using a cut, give various forms. Rings with similar organic formations have the form of buds and "peas", petals and intricate shapes - everything depends on the master's imagination. In the manufacture of rings is used as copper shades of red, and noble metals. Rare colors of corals are sold at auctions and are piece goods, and in jewelry stores mainly low-cost items are exhibited.

The cost of a 5 gram copper ring with pressed coral is 300–400 rubles, and the price of a gold ring with an exquisite stone reaches 25–30,000 rubles

Demand forms supply, so the number of fakes with an unnatural shade of a polyp on the international market is growing exponentially. Having bought a non-natural ring, the owner of the product does not have to speak about the mental and material value of the jewelry. For a stone to match you energetically, it is also important to become familiar with the magical properties of polyps.

Variants of rings with corals of different colors

When choosing a ring, pay attention to the varnished surface of the skeleton of a polyp. The intestinal animals feed in their natural environment through the pores in the coral structure, therefore it is important to cover the mineral with a special solution in the processing of jewelry. If the jeweler does not carry out a similar procedure, then the ring texture will regularly become dirty, and the pores of the polyp will be clogged with grease, dirt and other organic particles.

Choosing a ring with coral

Gold ring with diamonds, amethysts and corals, SL;silver ring with cubic zirconias and corals, SL(prices link)

Visually inspecting the surface, you will notice that identical stones can drastically differ in cost. The price exhibited by gemologists on the rings, depends on the natural shade of the mineral. Today, the following polyps are especially appreciated:

  • Akori - minerals rich blue and soft light blue shades.
  • Akkabar, "The Royal Stone" - corals of ash-black or light coal tone.
  • Bianco - sea stones with a white surface.
  • Secondo-colore - polyps of light brown or bright orange color.
  • Rose vilo - corals with rich tones of pink.
  • Rosso skuro, oxblad are organic compounds, on the cover of which thousands of shades of scarlet, dark red and burgundy tonalities are poured.
  • Pelle dangelo, “Angel Skin” - pale pink or pearl polyps.

The cost of the ring is formed on the basis of the quality and origin of the metal used by the jeweler. We choose a ring with coral, checking before buying jewelry, both the structure of the stone and the numerical value of the sample on the metal surface. Products made of alloys of gold, platinum, silver or palladium, are more expensive than jewelry made of alloy steel or plastic.

The magical properties of jewelry with corals

When choosing an organic formation is recommended to pay attention to the visual characteristics of the polyp. In the 21st century, because of the high level of demand for jewelry with corals in jewelry stores, there is an increasing number of counterfeit products, the color of which is achieved through artificial staining.

To determine if you have a natural stone or a fake, lower the ring with coral into a container filled with water.Imitations lose top coat of paint in case of contact with liquid

Such rings look aesthetically pleasing, but do not have magical properties similar to natural stones. Natural corals have a positive effect on the health and fate of the ring owner:
  • Slow down the aging process in the body.
  • Protect on short trips and travels.
  • Promote the appearance of the owner of the ring of chastity and prudence.
  • Saved from participation in conflict situations.
  • Attract good luck in all walks of life.

Corals are energetically powerful stones that are contraindicated for people born under the signs of the zodiacs of Leo and Cancer. Polyps bring to life the representatives of these constellations of vanity and adventurism, therefore, it is worth refraining from buying a ring with an organic compound. On the other signs of the zodiac corals have an extremely beneficial effect.

Choosing a ring with coral

Silver ring with coral, pearls and cubic zirconia, SL;silver ring with corals and cubic zirconias, SL(prices link)

The main thing is not to wear rings with polyps in the full moon. At such times, it is recommended to hold the jewel under the pressure of flowing water for 10–15 minutes, after removing the ring in the casket before the onset of the rising moon phase.Adhering to such rules, you will clean the energy of the coral, wash away from its surface a negative background.

Corals look aesthetically pleasing as an insert, both on silver and gold rings of various shades. The brilliance of the matte surface of natural stones attracts the attention of representatives of the opposite sex, harmoniously complements the image and visually highlights the owner of jewelry in any society.

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