Christian Louboutin shoes: the dream of every woman (14 photos)

High heels, graceful legs, proud and chiseled waist, as well as feminine and unruly camp - that's what a real woman should look like, according to more than one hundred men.

Many women complain about the inconvenience of high heels, they are terribly rubbing their feet, and also make the poor leg is in a very uncomfortable position for a long time due to the wrong shoe.

This is lubouten

About such minuses and fears have long been forgotten by those women who let into their lives the world famous brand - shoes from Christian Louboutin. “Shoes of dreams”, “King of shoes”, “follow me”, which means “follow me” - as soon as they did not call both the progenitor of these beautiful shoes, and his work of art itself.

These shoes are rightly bathed in such compliments, because they are known throughout the world for their incredibly comfortable shoe that even 15-inch heels will not cause inconvenience or other problems associated with wearing these shoes.

All the details, the smallest details, as well as the decor elements, have been thought out by Christian Labuten to the most incredible details, which is probably why his products are so loved and respected all over the world, especially with such bohemians as Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, and also many others and very wealthy people.

Everybody dreams of such shoes

And it's not at all surprising that such shoes, according to the designer himself, should cost "very much", because it is invested so much effort and imagination, most of the collection is handmade, impressive, is not it?

Surely, many will be interested in how much the shoes of Christian Labuten cost, believe me, the price makes even very wealthy people shocked, because it starts around $ 1000 per pair, and where it ends - the question is only your imagination.

This shoe is very comfortable

Why fantasy? Everything is simple, there is such a function in Christian Labuten's boutiques: any pair of shoes you like can be changed according to your desire: this, of course, concerns drawings and accessories, you can bring them with you or order directly in the store.

Your drawing will be applied to the skin in a special way, which is similar to tattooing, and your shoes will play in the light you ordered.

No thorns anywhere

By the way, there are 5 official boutiques of this world designer, they are: two in France, and one each in London, Moscow and Los Angeles. By the way, in Moscow a boutique opened relatively recently, so for a long time there were four of them.

Brightness is always relevant.

History of Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin was never an ordinary boy, even in childhood, he was always interested in art, beauty and everything beautiful. This wonderful man was born in France in 1963, where he lived all his childhood.

Christian spent his entire tender age, as well as a period of maturation in the world capital of fashion, where he simply couldn’t avoid constant fashionable unrest, at the age of eight he first visited the art museum of Africa and Oceania.

Great master

The main hall of this museum was especially beautiful, as its floor was laid out with an incredible mosaic, it was made to order, the work was manual and very expensive. Next to the hall was a sign on which a female high-heeled shoe was painted, which was crossed out.

This shoes number 1 in the world

According to the stories of Christian himself, this day was the beginning of a fashionable era in his life; this warning sign managed to turn the boy's mind over.

In a young, but quite mature age, Christian Louboutin often visited various dance institutions, loved cabaret and classical ballet, thanks to his many acquaintances in this field, he was well received behind the scenes of various music and dance houses.

Beige shoes are amazing

There he was engaged in constant sketches of the life and work of the dancers, their dynamic and at the same time graceful movements, took place in many paintings of the author.

Even then, Christian Louboutin realized that women's shoes play an important role in creating this or that image, which means that it should be not only incredibly beautiful and harmonious, but also very comfortable, not holding down any movement. Later, Christian seriously engaged in design business, in one of the schools he was able to put his observations into practice, it took only a few years, and the young, but already very talented artist was able to completely hone his skills.

A bit of shocking

At the age of 25, Christian Louboutin released his first collection under his own name, because before that he had to work a little on other fashion houses, for example, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, with the last of which he even won a recent trial that happened because of the famous red soles.

Shoes must be chic

This very first collection was distinguished by the fact that all the heels of shoes were transparent, and inside them, as if in amber, various beads, flowers and other various details were sealed. The collection was a resounding success, and the production of Christian Louboutin received the status of "luxury", because nothing like this before the world podium has not yet seen.

And what have the red sole?

Most girls, who are not even very knowledgeable in the world of fashion, will be able to distinguish the shoes of Louboutin from any others, and the matter is not only in the particular shoe and shape of the boat, but also in the famous lacquer red sole.

Red sole of this brand

According to one version, such a sole turned out quite by accident, Christian Louboutin took a long look at the gray spot of the sole, and then noticed how his secretary painted his nails with a bright red color, took a bottle from her and tried out the paint on the sole.

After that, the famous, “alluring” red sole appeared, it is believed that it, like no other, very much attracts the attention of the male half.

These are ingenious shoes.

By the way, since the success of the first collection, the glory of these incredible shoes does not subside, but, on the contrary, is reinforced by each new collection of Louboutin.

Chic Sandals

For example, this year another collection brought a resounding success, the famous designer brought a lot of new things into it - a large amount of women's shoes appeared at low speed - sandals, sneakers and sleepers, which are just so popular this season.

Bright, creative, awesome

However, the vast majority is an incredible set and a huge variety of famous high-heeled shoes, while creating them uses the most rare and expensive skin - various exotic reptiles, crocodiles, lizards, and other animals.

The same applies to accessories - exclusive and luxury materials, known to many, Swarovski rhinestones, which makes each model incredibly beautiful, recognizable and chic.

As for the color component, here Lubouten shoes are always on top, they are the most original and incredible tones and shades, however, naturally, the most famous and superior ones are the classic models of black, red and beige colors.

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