Church holiday August 2



HOLY PROPHET Elijah (Elijah) - one of the greatest prophets and the first virgin of the Old Testament - was born in Fesvii Gilead 900 years before Christ, the name of Elijah (the fortress of God) given to a baby determined his whole life. From an early age he devoted himself to the One God, settled in the desert and spent his life in strict fasting, Divine-mindedness and prayer. When the people of Israel fell away from the faith of their fathers, left the One God and worshiped pagan idols, the prophet became a fiery zealot of true faith and piety. Seeing the death of his people, Elijah began to convict King Ahab of iniquity, and when the king did not listen to him, he announced that as punishment for three years there would be no rain or dew on the ground and the drought would stop only through his prayer. And indeed, the sky was concluded, drought and famine set in across the land. Preserving Elijah, the Lord sent him in time of distress to a secret place near the stream; ravenous crows brought him food.


When the stream dried up, the Lord sent him to Zarepta of Sidon to see the poor widow, who was waiting with her children for starvation.At the request of the prophet, she prepared him to write from the last handful of flour and oil residue. Then, through the prayer of Elijah, flour and butter had not been depleted in the widow’s house throughout the famine. Through the power of prayer, the prophet also raised the dead son of the widow. After three years, the prophet came to King Ahab and offered to gather all the people and the priests of Baal idol on Mount Carmel and build two altars: one from the priests of Baal, the other to serve the True God. “To which of them the fire falls from heaven will be an indication of whose God is true,” said Elijah, “and everyone will have to bow to Him, and those who do not recognize Him will be put to death.” In vain the prophets of Baal cried to the idol from morning to evening - the sky was silent. By evening, having built and prepared his altar, Elijah turned to God with fervent prayer and petition that the Lord would send down fire from heaven to incite the deluded and hardened people and turn their hearts to Him. The fire came down from heaven and burned the altar. The people fell to the earth, crying: "Verily the Lord is God, the One, and there is no other God besides Him!" Through the prayer of the prophet, the sky opened and a heavy rain fell, which filled the thirsty land.

For his fiery jealousy about the glory of God, the prophet Elijah was taken to heaven alive in a chariot of fire. The Russian Church piously honors him. The first church built in Kiev under Prince Igor was in the name of the prophet Elijah. Also look at all church holidays in August and a convenient calendar, where all church holidays are distributed by months. It is convenient to watch the calendar of church holidays in August.


Signs on August 2

Ilya finishes the summer.
Peter and Paul for the day diminished the hour, and Elijah the prophet - two uvolok.
Petrok will come - pinch the sheet, Illya will come - pinch two.
What Elijah, at that and the Exaltation.
From Ilyin of the day, the night is long: the worker is getting enough sleep, and the horses are eating up.
After Ilyin, you will not see a horse in a field of a siv horse — that is how dark the nights are.
From Ilya to the worker, two pleasures: the night is long and the water is cold.
On Ilya before lunch is summer, after lunch is autumn.
On Ilyin the day and the stone will stay (matinees).
Before Ilyin, it dries under a bush, and after Ilya it does not dry on the bush.
In the national imagination, Ilya is a formidable holy, stern, punishing, but at the same time generous, empowering: a mighty steward of the most terrible and beneficent forces of nature.In his submission, rain, thunder, lightning, he sends fertility to the earth. On Il'in's day all the evil spirit, fleeing from the fire arrows of the prophet, turns to various animals - rabbits, foxes, cats, dogs, wolves, etc. In connection with this belief, the custom was established on the day of Elijah not to let dogs and cats enter the house, so as not to bring thunder and lightning on the hut.
People say about the thunderstorm: Ilya rides on the sky on six stallions. Thunder comes from a knock on the heavenly bridge chariot of Elijah the prophet, who drives an unclean spirit or serpent. Lightning is the arrows with which Illya strikes evil power.

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