Coffee table is an important element in the living room

If you are furnishing a living room, then you are probably planning to purchase a coffee table. But before you go to the store, find out how to choose such a piece of furniture.

What to consider when choosing?

What should be considered when buying such a seemingly unimportant, but in fact very useful piece of furniture like a coffee table?

  • What functions will it perform: used to store newspapers, magazines and remotes from technology, replace a full-fledged dining table, help out during tea-drinking or play the role of a decorative element?
  • Room design. The table must fit into the interior, because it is its integral part.
  • The size of the room. If it is small, then the table should be compact.
  • Do you plan to move a table from one room to another, or will it take its specific place?
  • What role will this piece of furniture play: complement the interior, carry an exclusively functional load or act as a bright and creative accent? If you want to refresh the room, then choose something unusual and interesting.If only functions are important to you, then the table should not be evident.

Making the right choice

So, how to choose a coffee table? Below are listed and discussed in detail the main criteria that must be paid attention to when buying.


Design options:

  1. U-shaped table. It looks like the letter P turned on its side, a rather original model with one additional surface for storing things.
  2. S-shaped table or the so-called "snake". It is made in the form of the letter S, which is composed of separate panels. The result is an original table with two roomy shelves.
  3. A regular table with legs is a classic option for those who adhere to traditional views and prefer restraint in everything.
  4. Table-drawer. It may have additional sections, but it looks, in fact, like a box. Such a table can be opened from above (the role of the door will be played by the table-top fixed with the help of hinges).
  5. Transformer. It has a complex mechanism by which an ordinary coffee table can be turned into a full-fledged dining table.
  6. Table-stand on one leg.Quite attractive in appearance, but not the most stable model.
  7. Decorative table can have almost any design. For example, a tabletop can be placed on crossed or curved legs, on a leg that imitates a vase, on a statuette, or even on a rough and uncooked stump.


Today the tables are made from a variety of materials, so you can choose almost any, including very unusual.


  • Solid wood. Such material is noble, environmentally friendly and durable, but if mistreated, it can lose its original properties (although this problem can be solved by impregnation or varnishing, and many manufacturers use this). And the tree is quite heavy. But from the array you can make the most beautiful objects of different shapes.
  • DSP is an inexpensive, practical, but not the most durable option.
  • Glass. If it is shock-resistant and durable, then it definitely will not break, but it will be quite heavy. The glass table looks modern and stylish, but will not fit into any interior.
  • A rock. The stone table will decorate the elegant living room. But if you decide to move it, you will have to put a lot of effort.And still a stone is a rather expensive material (if you want to save, choose artificial).


The size should be determined, given the convenience of use and the area of ​​the room. So, if the room is small, then the tabletop should not be massive, otherwise you will lose most of the free space.

As for height, it usually varies within 45-60 centimeters. The tabletop should be approximately at the level of the seats of the sofa and armchairs or slightly higher.

The form

The form can be absolutely any: oval, wavy, rectangular, square and so on. A square or rectangular table will be more convenient, especially if you plan to use it for tea drinking with guests.

Stylistic direction

The style of the table is determined based on the style of the room. So, if the living room is made in a classic style, then a simple wooden piece of furniture will harmoniously look in it. In English style will fit a table on forged legs or from an array with elements of thread. In the room in the style of Boroko will look great stone table or decorated with stucco.

If you chose such a direction as avant-garde or modern, then choose the most daring and bright models. If you are closer to the styles of fusion and pop art, then you can buy a plastic table of a bright shade. And the laconic metal or glass piece of furniture will perfectly fit into the hi-tech direction.


Exterior design depends entirely on your imagination, personal preferences and style of the room. You can choose either the traditional model of a moderate neutral color without unnecessary elements, or the original table of a more saturated, bright and bold color, decorated with inserts, slats and other details. In addition, the tabletop can be creative and stylish, such as covered with leather, cloth, vinyl, and so on.

Other details

Many tables are equipped with additional elements, such as wheels, doors or drawers. Boxes and doors will allow not only to store things in the furniture object, but also to hide them from prying eyes. A castors will be appropriate in the event that you plan to move the table frequently from one room to another.


Useful tips for those who are still undecided:

  1. If you did not find any suitable option, then try making a table yourself, or ask your spouse, relative and friend about it. If you compose a sketch yourself, embodying your boldest ideas in it, you will definitely get an exclusive subject that no one else will have. By the way, making a coffee table is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.
  2. It is desirable that the table is combined with other pieces of furniture in colors, materials and design. But if you want to create a bright and multifaceted design, then this rule can not be observed.
  3. Sometimes it is difficult to decide. Perhaps you can help photos of different models of coffee tables. On one of the pictures you can find your ideal.

Now you can definitely choose a functional, practical, comfortable, stylish and original table.

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