Congratulations to the teacher on March 8

Congratulations to the teacher on March 8Congratulate your favorite teacher on Women's Day is a must. But how to make it original and beautiful? Only in our article you will find the largest selection of congratulations to the teacher on March 8. The most beautiful poems or wishes in prose, only on our site. If you want to give the teacher pleasant and sincere lines on the International Women's Day, but you can not find them yourself, our article will be useful to you. You can easily select original poems for March 8 for your favorite teacher.

More on our site you can find. Wonderful wishes for every taste on International Women's Day only here.

Poems to teachers on March 8

March 8 I rush to school
Teacher to congratulate
I worry, as always a little,
With me I can cope!

I wish her health
And nerves to take care,
We treat her with love,
But sometimes disturbing.

Labor appreciate her endlessly
After all, knowledge gives us all
We are not indifferent to her,
Kowtow to the teachers!


Our dear
You have become an example to us,
Kind, funny
And fair with us.

Our teacher,
You have become a part of life.
Forgive all our
Pranks, whims.

And we congratulate you
With a woman's holiday.
Be always beautiful,
Carry happiness to the house.


Again on the Eighth of March I
From the heart I give a bouquet
And, shivering, I stand behind a partie,
Wishing you long years.

Happiness, peace and patience!
I say from my heart:
To work with inspiration,
To all was on the shoulder!

Let the sun smile on you,
Let the road lead into the distance,
Let the good come true,
Let him in all things lucky!

Congratulations to the teacher on March 8

Our teacher, the mother of the class,
Receive from us, in honor of the holiday, the words:
Let your life become more beautiful
And the head does not hurt from noise.
Let the state give more wages,
And every step of the way will be easy.
And we, not only on the day of the eighth of March,
We ourselves will behave like adults!


You've been teaching us all for years,

Strive to make us smarter.

And you are like mom to us.

In your love and wisdom.

We are all our teacher

We hasten to congratulate you on the women's day.

Thank you for your thoughts,

What will we take with us!

Let your way be clear and bright,

Let the disciples rejoice,

And let the children watch with delight

When you are with chalk at the blackboard!


On the eighth of March, on the Women's Day,

We congratulate you, Master!

Any excellent student and prankster

Know perfectly well, you are a keeper

Skills, knowledge, beauty.

Let your dreams come true!

Wishes on International Women's Day

For work noble,
For your hard work,
Accept today
A bunch of our modest.
And forgive me for the fact that sometimes I'm at school,
Delivered - by accident! - you grieve.

You are really like our second mom.
Taught seriously
They taught, playing,
Taught sciences
Taught goodness
They covered themselves
In the life of the wind.

So let the spring bring you a breeze
Hello smiles - for every lesson!


Happy female want

Congratulate you today

And your work is in a hurry

Today we celebrate.

You know -

We will never forget you.

And do not forget -

We love you very much!

Congratulations for teachers on March 8

Congratulations to the teacher on March 8

On the eighth of March you want to wish

My teacher, inspiration,

Stereotypes in us always break,

And to be in a great mood more often.

Let the feminine feast bring happiness

And love will give you, of course,

Let life bring you much better -

Love, warmth and experience precious!


Today we are brought up, obedient,

To all your words are not indifferent.

All for your sake, so that you do not worry,

And on this day they only smiled sweetly.

On the 8th of March together we all wish you patience

Let us share only good moments.

You, as the second mother, for all of us are grateful,

Just be you today, like the sun, radiant.

Ask at least a first grader, he will give you the answer:

Teachers are better - in the whole world there is no!


We want to congratulate everyone now

The teacher is his first.

Eighth of March all things leave

We wish you! And in the festive order,

Mark this day as befits

All women - with flowers and wine.

May the Angel always accompany you,

And protects your home from adversity!


To his disciples

You give your heart!

For all thanks to you,

Successes you in work,

Spring and warmth

Smiles, understanding,

May dreams come true

Fulfilled desires!

Congratulations for teachers on March 8

Worthy lady we congratulate

In the spring, bright, women's holiday!

Glorify all teachers

After all, their work is so high and wonderful!

You are creating the future

And we will not hide admiration!

An example of a wonderful feed,

Hope to the world for salvation!

May happiness accompany you,

With love together and health!

Luck walks in hand,

It is worth success at the head!


You, the educator, as a teacher,

All children's joys keeper,

We wish this holiday female

Meet him in the presidential!

So instead of jelly and porridge

You cooks cooked your

Soup of fun and good luck.

They always mean so much!

Let the sun gently laugh,

Easy and good life

Salary grows like kids

(She's not too much, after all)!

Congratulations to the teacher on March 8

Beloved teacher on the Day of March 8

Congratulations will give the boys and girls!

Let the saints for your kindness and labors

Family will be happy, close, dear!

Let health be for a hundred years you will be,

None of the preschoolers let you forget!

We will wish for love, that everything will come true,

So that the tender spring in your heart will remain!


Children bringing up someone

Very many years ago

The woman called work,

And any man and happy!

And today is spring day

To their teachers

We do not regret congratulations

And we give smiles to them!


You work with your mother from morning till night,
And having many children, and from the heart;
And we, as parents, have nothing to say -
Well, only love you all babies!
Let the semolina, which is steeply mixed,
Do not spoil your holiday, and the heart sings!
You are kind, you are young! You are a woman!
May God a hundredfold reward you for everything!


You are the second mother for our children,
Successes their first witness,
A teacher of everything, a writer of ploys,
And our children are in love with you!
The meaning of their lives, we trust you -
He is in the souls, the hearts of our children,
All this is not a celebration for the word,
Since the sound of the heart!
The woman has a lot, as before, hassle
Clean up, wash, sweep ...
But the main one is still of the main concerns -
Children, teaching, raise!
The eighth of March is a holiday for you,
You are a Woman with a big letter!
Well accept us congratulations words,
And let it be all good!
Let everythnig will be alright!


From ignorance to the healer,
And your great at school experience
Since March 8, you, the teacher
Smart, strong, our cool!
Be well in health, happiness
And live from the heart,
You to be remembered more often
With the kind word "kids" !!!


Dear our teacher! Please accept my sincere congratulations on the holiday!
Allow me to express to you great gratitude for the huge and invaluable work that you invest in the development and upbringing of our children! We understand that it is not easy, but, nevertheless, you do an excellent job with your duties and do much more: you treat our children with love, and this is the main thing.We sincerely wish you a wonderful mood, great success in everything, decent wages and good health!

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