Country house with their own hands: projects of frame houses photo

Country house with his own hands the easiest way to do the technology of frame house. We present you 5 projects of frame houses with photos that will help you in choosing the layout and design of a country house. In addition to useful plans and photos, we will tell you about the basic points of building a frame house, which must be considered when choosing a project.

Project of frame house 1:
country house with an open plan.

For the frame house is usually used a columnar or column-ribbon foundation, which significantly reduces the cost of building a country house. After all, about 30% of the total construction budget is spent on creating the foundation of a house.

The columnar foundation eliminates the need for a significant amount of earthworks, reduces the consumption of expensive building materials. For this type of foundation does not need costly work on heat and waterproofing. This foundation is an excellent solution for sandy soil or soil with a high level of groundwater.

In the conditions of building a country house with your own hands for a columnar foundation, you can take a red burned boo brick. The columns in two bricks are able to hold onto a light one-storeyed frame house.

In addition to brick, concrete blocks or asbestos-cement pipes can be chosen as supports. In the case of pipes - they will serve as a kind of permanent formwork for pouring concrete supports.

Properly constructed column foundation will serve you more than 100 years. This is a good basement option not only for the house, but also for any summer houses - baths, barns, gazebos, etc. It is fair to mention the lack of a column base - this is the absence of a basement in a country house. If the presence of a basement is important for you, then the construction of a detachedcellars in the countrycan negate all the savings from this type of foundation.

Project of frame house 2:

For the floor covering in the frame house, wooden beams treated with an antiseptic and reinforced with crossbars are used. It is necessary to warm the floor securely, because with a column base it is blown through us. The main feature of the frame house is an effective insulation system.

Floor coverings in a frame house are a pie made of rough floor boards, mineral wool, vapor barrier, OSB boards, substrates for the finishing floor and finishing floor. It is this design that guarantees a warm floor in the coldest winter.

The ceiling of the frame house has a similar structure, but the first element instead of the rough floor is a plaster board.

The country house itself, built on the technology of frame construction, is a rigid frame of wooden beams and corner braces, which increase the strength of the structure. All wood for the construction of the house is treated with antiseptics and modern impregnation against fire.

Outside the frame house is sheathed with OSB plates and a windproof membrane. Then the insulation (mineral wool, cellulose) is laid between the wooden posts and the “pie” is sewn up with a second OSB plate from the inside.

High-quality insulation with modern materials - a kind of layer cake made of OSB, a vapor barrier film and mineral wool will provide the house with reliable heat. Correctly made frame overlap with a thickness of 10 cm corresponds to the thermal insulation of 2 m of a brick wall.

The frame house project 3:
country house for a narrow plot.

Exterior finish frame house is made on the principle of a ventilated facade, where between the wall of the house and the lining are stuffed wooden slats, which form an air layer providing dryness of the heater and thereby increasing its efficiency in any weather.

The ventilated facade will increase the life of the walls of the country house and smooth out sudden temperature changes.

The outer lining of the frame house can be made of wood, siding, brick, decorative plaster. In fact, any material for your taste and budget will be suitable for exterior decoration of the house.

Project of frame house 4:
small country house hut.

Frame houses came to us from Scandinavia and Canada, where the climate is quite harsh and people know the price of a warm home.

Often, for an ignorant person, frame houses look like flimsy and unreliable buildings, but more and more dacha owners are learning the advantages of this modern technology.

Project frame house 5:
country house with two bedrooms.

Why is the project of a frame house attractive for building a country house with your own hands?

You can build a holiday house quickly in one season.You do not need to stretch the construction for several years, when in the classic version for a brick country house a foundation is poured in one year, then a box is erected, then this structure must be spaced to shrink, then finishing work must be done. In addition, such a house can be built almost all year round (up to a temperature of -15 degrees).

You can build a house with your own hands. For the construction of such a house is enough two people who can fully build such a house in 2-3 months. If preliminary work is done to study the intricacies of building a frame house, to fully determine the project and calculate the consumption of materials, then it is quite possible to build such a country house over the summer for any summer resident.

A frame house is an economical construction option.If you have a limited budget, then applying the technology of frame construction, you will get not only cheap, but also a modern warm country house. You will save on construction materials, on their delivery, on the payment of builders. You can build such a house modularly - its construction makes the possibility of further extension as simple as possible.So you can break the construction of a large house into several complete stages, according to your budget.

You will have a warm summer cottage and you will save on heating.The main thing in the frame house is modern insulation systems, when everything in the “cake” of OSB, insulation films and insulation itself is well thought out, is in place and works as efficiently as possible for one main goal - to ensure maximum effective thermal insulation with optimal means.

You will be able to build a country house on difficult soils.Lightweight frame house construction, a columnar foundation is a solution for problem soils that anyone who has already tried to build in their summer cottage, where, for example, ground water is high, can assess.

Simplicity and efficiency of finishing work.Obbivaya inner side of the overlap of a frame house OSB, you get a perfectly flat surface, on which then simply enough to carry out any finishing work.

Eco-friendly microclimate suburban home.The house, built on the technology of frame construction, has the same healthy microclimate as a wooden house.

If you own a tool at the household level, then having a thoughtful project in hand, understanding all the rules and regulations for the construction of frame houses, you can build an economical, energy-saving, eco-friendly country house with your own hands.

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