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If you want to have a bird, then pay attention to the cute fad. But they, like any other pets, require some care.

general description

Amadins are a genus of birds belonging to the family of spinning weavers. It includes only two African species: red-headed and red-throated hams. The body length of a bird is usually about 11-14 centimeters. Color and plumage depend on the subspecies, as well as on the floor (usually males are brighter, because they need to attract females).

In the wild, the fauna is common in southwestern and southern regions of Africa. Surely you are also interested in how many such birds live. Under favorable conditions, their lifespan can reach 10 years or more.

Bird selection

First of all, it is important to choose a fighter. His health can be determined by appearance and behavior. If everything is in order, then the plumage should be uniform (the feathers are tight to each other, the skin is not visible), the beak is smooth, strong and smooth, the paws are undamaged, and the eyes are clear. Assess the behavior of the bird.It should move quickly, springy and actively, be interested in everything that happens, give voice,

It is advisable to acquire mayadins at the age of no older than one year, since more adult individuals are more difficult and slower to get used to the new environment and get worse. It is advisable to make a purchase at a pet store, but you can also find professional breeders. Spontaneous markets are best avoided.


Such birds require keeping in a cage, and its choice should be approached responsibly. It is worth buying a rectangular or square, cylindrical will not work, since the lack of angles can scare the crowns, because they will not be able to properly navigate in space. If you plan to keep several pets at home, you can purchase a spacious aviary.

The size should be sufficient for free movement of the bird in space, so that the minimum value of the larger of the parameters (height or length) should not be less than 50-60 centimeters.

Cell placement

It is desirable to put a cage so that sunshine falls on it. But drafts are not desirable, so do not place housing on the windowsill.In addition, it should be located at a height of at least one meter from the floor (the higher, the better, so conditions will approach the natural, and the fashions will feel their element).

Cell filling

To make the amadine feel comfortable, the following items should be present in the cage:

  • Feeding trough. It is better to choose a convenient hanging or sliding model of plastic or glass.
  • Drinker for birds.
  • The cage should also have a bath in which the mids will carry out water procedures. Its size should correspond to the size of the bird, and it should be filled with water only 1.5-2 cm.
  • In order for the birds to communicate with the owner and among themselves, singing and just enjoying the rest, provide a feather.


Clean the cage as it gets dirty, but it is important to always keep it clean. To do this, first remove the dirt with a scoop or scraper, then wipe the bottom and the rods with a damp cloth. And once or twice a month, disinfection should be carried out to prevent the reproduction of parasites, for example, ticks. For this procedure, you can purchase chloramine (2% solution) or carbolic acid. A sponge or brush moistened with the product is used to treat the entire cell surface from the inside and outside.

The necessary conditions

Several important conditions of detention:

  • The temperature should be between 18-26 degrees. Sharp swings are not allowed.
  • Humidity should be about 60-70%.
  • Sufficient lighting. Amadins love the sun and with its deficiency can feel bad, refuse to eat. The light-day of these birds should last at least 10-12 hours, so in winter it is important to provide additional lighting, for example, using a fluorescent lamp.


What to feed the Amadins? Practically the same as many other birds, that is, grain products, for example, millet, flax seeds, meadow grasses, rape, lettuce and other plants. You can mix grains in equal proportions, as well as offer food for canaries. Food should be placed in the feeder (approximately a teaspoon for one bird) and replaced daily. Water should also be fresh.


If you plan to breed Amadin, then the joyful news for you is that they actively and willingly breed in captivity. But in order for these birds to have a desire to continue their race, certain conditions need to be created. Firstly, place a nesting house in the cage, as well as materials for its arrangement: twigs, sawdust.Secondly, provide good nutrition and peace.

The female lays 4-7 eggs, both parents incubate them in turn. After a couple of weeks, the chicks hatch, and they begin to nourish them with semi-digested food, which they regurgitate. Feeding lasts a month.


A few tips on caring for the buzz are:

  • Clearing the cage or even just passing by it, do not make sudden movements and do not make loud noises, since the bells are very shy and restless, any fear can bring them to panic and make them toss and shout loudly.
  • Amadins do not tolerate harsh odors, so in the room in which they live you should not smoke, prepare food and spray perfumes or air fresheners.
  • Since the birds are gregarious, it is advisable to make a couple or more.

If you create a comfortable environment, your mummy will feel great and will delight you with ringing singing.

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