Does the “dancing millionaire” Gianluca Vacca have financial problems?

The Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera came out today with the headline stating that the estate of businessman and Instagram star Gianluca Vacca ... was arrested for debt. According to the newspaper, in 2008 he took a loan in the amount of 10 million euros to Banco BPM and delayed all the repayment terms (for nine years he made only two installments of 2 million euros). The court was forced to arrest all his property, and these are villas, yachts and a share of shares in companies, until he pays the debt (and he is 30 million euros by this time).

In blogs, news about the financial problems of Gianluca Wakki was taken, as usual, not without gloating: the debtor's photo is “stuck” to the shacks with the signature “first dance in new housing” and they offer the businessman to make money in Milan’s Duomo square, where there are many dancers like him. Gianluca himself has so far refrained from commenting. Last week, along with a new girlfriend, Vice-Miss Universe - 2015 by Ariadne Gutierrez,He celebrated his 50th birthday on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea (in the style of Jay Gatsby, of course), and on Instagram he spreads more and more new images of his luxurious life.

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