Decor of cat's feet mittens

It would seem that the summer had just begun, but we would not have time to look around again when the snow-white, cold winter would come again. As the proverb says, “Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter,” this means that everything needs to be prepared in advance. Therefore, you need to sew, for example, funny mittens in the form of cat feet. They will save you from the cold and lift your spirits.
 Decor of mittens Cat's paws
For the decor of mittens we need: - mittens; - pink felt;- scissors; - pen; - threads and needle.
 Decor of the mittens Cat's feet
Note: mittens are better to take monochrome without any the colors will also look good considered natural colors for cats (white, gray, red, black). It will be even better if you take down mittens, it will create a feeling of soft cat fur. If you don't remember what the cat's paws look like, then before you start drawing,Look at your pet's paws. But, if there is no cat, then look at the image of the legs on the Internet. So let's get started! Step 1. On a pink felt, draw a so-called palm (width 5.5 cm and height 4 cm) and four paw pads of a cat (width 2 cm and height 3 cm). It is better to take felt with a soft texture.
 Decor of mittens Cat feet
 Decor of mittens Cat legs
Step 2. Do two blanks. Cut along the contour.
 Decor of mittens Cat's paws
Step 3. For convenience, put a bent newspaper in a mitten. This is necessary in order not to accidentally stitch a mitten through. We fasten blanks with pins to the inner side of the mitten.
 Decor of mittens Cat's paws
Step 4. Sew on the stitching (looped) seam all the workpiece. Pick up the thread under the color of felt. Make sure that the stitches are smooth and neat and nothing is stitched.
 Mittens decor Cat feet
That's a new dress!
 Decor of mittens Cat feet
In these lovely and warm mittens you can ride on a sled, ski, sculpt a snowman, as well as arrange winter photo shoots.
 Mittens decor cat feet

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