Desserts with pickled cucumber is a new trend in cooking!

It seems that we have nothing to surprise, but some craftsmen are trying. For example, at one of the exhibitions, where interesting culinary innovations were presented, visitors were offered to taste chocolate-covered muffins with the aroma of pickled cucumbers! Oddly enough, but the tasters from this video noted that the flavor of the delicacy is quite pleasant.

It turns out that the combination of sweet and salty is no longer a novelty in the field of making desserts. But such an idea can still be considered revolutionary. It was in these muffins that brine for dough and pickled cucumbers were used as a filling. Also, the composition of the delicacy includes the usual sugar, butter, flour, and a little bourbon for piquancy. Offers an unusual combination of products cream based cream cheese. To warn a fan of classical cooking against unwanted experiments, the authors of the dish crowned their creation with a slice of pickled cucumber. The visitor has the right to know what he eats!

Here you can find a detailed recipe for an unusual dessert that combines sweet and salty flavors.

Surely, the idea of ​​such cupcakes will appeal to women in the position. After all, they immediately and sweet and salted cucumber. However, in this case, bourbon should be excluded from the recipe. A variation of these muffins are desserts with dill. And the chef who invented the dessert, offers to eat pickles with ice cream!

There is a recipe for vegetarians. In this case, a sweet ginger cake with a peanut butter cream with a pickled cucumber and dill is presented.

Suspecting that the idea of ​​using brine would become very popular, some manufacturers have already begun to produce the product in separate banks. In some cases, the brine is diluted with soda and sold as a refreshing drink.

Be careful, regular lemonade can surprise you very much!

And with the aroma of pickles produce ... lollipops!

Another unusual product is the chicken sandwich, which uses pickled cucumber instead of the usual booth.

Maybe in a few years such unusual dishes can be bought at every fast-food restaurant.

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