Diet for weight gain

Now the absolute majority of people are asleep and see how to lose at least a couple of kilograms, but there is a reverse category: people who for some reason want to gain weight. Of course, in most cases these are men - athletes who are fond of bodybuilding or weightlifting. But, it is possible that overly slender ladies, who lack some “merits”, will also want to gain weight. A specially developed for them diet to gain weight.

So, first of all, it’s worth finding out what weight is “good” and which is “bad.” And, depending on this, achieving the goal requires different actions. If you are not confused by the quality of your body, then the easiest way to gain weight is to act according to the principle “consume more than you spend.” Simply put: you need to eat a lot. It is not necessary in this case to lean on fatty foods or meat - this can adversely affect the vessels and the pancreas. Your assistant in this case of carbohydrate. Namely: cereal, bread, pasta. Snack on dried fruit often.This is a high-calorie food that will fill in the missing fat layer. Another thing is if you want to gain weight by increasing muscle. Then there is a long job. First of all you have to go in for sports. And by no means running around the house or jumping rope. The most sensitive human muscles react to work with weight. With significant weight. Heavy power loads best create beautiful muscles. If you want to grow your muscular frame, then now barbell, weights, dumbbells are your best friends. And now a little math: do you know your daily need for kilocalories? If not, it should be counted. Now for this there are many calculators on the sites, search engines to help. If you figure out how much energy you spend per day based on your activity, then to gain weight you need to eat 15-20% more. And be sure to train! Preference is to give high-quality food that contains a lot of protein. Carbohydrates are also necessary, and are more complex: all the same cereals and pasta. If you are physically difficult to eat a lot, you can either eat more often but in smaller portions, or go to a sports nutrition store and ask the seller to pick up a gainer for you, i.e.a cocktail containing the calories, proteins and carbohydrates you need. Losing weight is advised not to eat at night. So, you, on the contrary! In no case should not go to bed hungry! Since in a dream there is a risk that the overworked muscles will experience a nutritional deficiency and grow very reluctantly. At bedtime, the best option is a low-fat protein meal. Many athletes prefer cottage cheese. What should be added to the conclusion: even if you are trying to gain weight, and not reduce it, you should give up harmful food, fast food, soda, etc. Every kilogram gained should bring you joy and health!

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