Do I need a personal trainer in the hall?

If you plan to attend a gym or a sports club, you probably have thought about the coach who will conduct the classes more than once. This person knows all the subtleties and features of the direction in which he specializes. Do you need a personal trainer? And if so, why?

Why do you need a personal trainer?

With it, you will see results earlier.

So, you decided to go in for sports, adjust your figure or tighten your body. And then the question arises: group training or personal trainer? Consider the benefits of individual lessons with a coach:

  • If you feel uncomfortable in group classes, then a personal trainer is a great option. For example, newcomers and people with an imperfect figure are uncomfortable among those who have already managed to achieve certain success. And although the practitioners are divided into groups according to the degree of preparation, but still this does not suit some of them.
  • In the gym, in fact, you can do it yourself without any help. But it can be not only inefficient, but also dangerous.An incorrect assessment of one's strength or one wrong movement can lead to serious injuries. A trainer will help to avoid undesirable consequences.
  • Your personal trainer will pick up for you an individual training program. In doing so, he will take into account the level of your physical fitness, your goals, wishes, as well as the characteristics of the body and the existing health problems. For example, if you have a disease, then it certainly needs to be taken into account. In addition, training to strengthen muscles and to reduce weight will vary significantly.
  • The personal trainer will only observe you during the training, which will allow you to see your mistakes and immediately make the necessary corrections. For example, if the coach notices that the selected exercises are given to you with difficulty, he will change them.
  • Classes with a personal trainer will allow you to achieve results in a short time. First, an expert will assess your capabilities and features, and then select the optimal program. But if he sees that the load is not sufficient, or if certain muscle groups do not work, he will make the necessary changes to the program.
  • The coach must be a mentor for his ward, and this means that he will motivate you, encourage and tune for success. When group lessons expect all this is not worth it.

So if you want to train effectively, comfortably and safely and quickly see the results, you should think about choosing a personal trainer.

How to make a choice?

Use his services

How to choose a personal trainer, what to look for when choosing? Here are some important points:

  1. First of all, appreciate the professionalism. Ask for proof of qualifications and the right to conduct such activities: a diploma of higher education, certificate of completion of courses, certificates of participation in thematic seminars, as well as a license to engage in coaching activities. If, in addition to compulsory physical education, there is also a medical education, then such a specialist will surely be credible.
  2. Ask and experience, it is also important. Of course, newcomers in their business are successful, but still experienced people have more knowledge and cause more confidence.
  3. Find out if the trainer can provide medical assistance in case of injury or unforeseen situations.
  4. If the coach has rewards, this is a huge plus!
  5. Appreciate the appearance, because it is a real hallmark of a person with such a profession. So, if a trainer has a perfect body, prominent muscles and is dressed in sportswear, then it means that he gives up his work entirely. And this means that the result you will reach fairly quickly.
  6. Age does not play a special role, but there are some nuances. A middle-aged man is more experienced, but may stick to outdated attitudes and approaches. The young coach knows about the modern achievements of the sport and will build trainings based on the latest principles and approaches.
  7. Floor. It all depends on you. So, many are more comfortable and more relaxed to engage with a coach of the same sex, while others hold different views.
  8. Personal fitness trainer should evoke positive emotions. If you didn’t like the person right away and you couldn’t find a common language with him, then it’s better to find someone else.
  9. Hold a conversation. Ask a wide variety of questions. For example, ask if you can increase muscle mass or lose weight with some drugs.If you immediately begin to advise some means, run away! Also tell us about your goals and specifics and ask how the training process will take place.
  10. Evaluate the place where classes will take place: location and its distance from your home, furniture, equipment, security and so on. It’s not worth going to the other end of the city or to the gym room from the last century.

What should be?

He must be fit

Now let's list the qualities of an ideal trainer:

  • He should be moderately serious and strict, but at the same time be able to joke, if it is appropriate, and also to encourage and praise. If the coach is constantly joking and does not pay attention to how you perform the exercises, then this is not the best option.
  • The ideal trainer should show interest in his client: be interested in his successes, condition and feelings, take part in the training process, make corrections and correct mistakes.
  • The ideal trainer is looking for an approach to each of his clients. He should know how best to motivate one or another involved, how to adjust the result.
  • The coach's speech must be literate, it will speak about his professionalism and qualification.If such a person cannot explain what he wants, nothing good will come of it.
  • The coach must certainly be patient, polite and tactful. If he screams and gets annoyed, then it will scare and discourage you.
  • The ideal coach should always be vigorous and in a good mood, such is his job. Imagine that you came to the hall, and there you were met by a gloomy and dull man in frustrated feelings. Can you do your best? Probably not.
  • If the coach is also a good psychologist, then this is the perfect option! Then he can not only organize the process correctly, but also make you believe in yourself and become more confident in your abilities.

Issue price

How much does a personal trainer cost? Immediately it should be said that is not cheap. The price depends on the qualifications and demand of such a person. On average, an hour of training you will have to pay at least 500-1000 rubles. But the cost can reach up to 1,500 thousand. Prices in different cities may vary.

Successful and effective training!

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