Do-it-yourself bar stool


1. Characteristics of a bar stool. 2. Tools and materials. 3. The sequence of production. Bar stools are convenient attributes for tables with a height of more than 850 mm. Outwardly, they may look like ordinary stools, but only with elongated legs. The height of the chair should be 300 - 350 mm lower than the level of the countertop.  Bar stool with our own hands
The other parameters (width, length, height of the leg, backrest) to the wishes of the user and the design of the room. Consider how you can make a bar stool with your own hands from a bar, which, for example, can be purchased at hardware stores.

Tools and materials.

To make this model, you will need the following set of tools:
  • - square;
  • - tape measure;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - drill;
  • - drill with a diameter of 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm;
  • - hand-held milling machine with nozzles;
  • - hammer;
  • - screwdriver with a crossprofile;
  • - sanding paper with different grit;
  • - vibrating grinding machine;
  • - core;
  • - soft brush for painting;
  • - stationery knife.
The following materials are needed, the part number is shown in brackets:
1. Wooden beam for legs, section 30 to 40 mm and length 600 mm, in quantity of 4 pcs. (1A, 1B, 1B, 1G). 2. Wooden bar for the king and footsteps with a section of 30 to 40 mm and a length of 300 mm - 4 pcs. (2); 320 mm - 4 pcs. (3). 3. The bar for connecting the elements of the seat, size 25 X 30 X 315 mm - 2 pcs. (4). 4. Wooden beam for the seat with dimensions of 20 X 40 X 320 mm - 8 pcs. (5). 5. Clay PVA. 6. Screws, 80 mm long in the amount of 16 pcs. and 45 mm - 4 pieces. 7. Nails on 1 X 30 mm - 16 pcs. 8. A rag for wiping off excess glue. 9. Colorless varnish. 10. Felt stands with a self-adhesive surface. To prevent weakening of the chair structure, it is advisable to use all wooden elements without knots. In the presented material, the bar stool is made of a common type of wood - pine.

Manufacturing sequence.

To make a bar stool with your own hands, you can follow the following sequence: Step 1 Bars designed for legs,round out the projectile from all sides using a manual milling machine and the corresponding nozzle. Step 2 Using a manual milling machine with the same nozzle as in step 1, round off the blanks for the seat from one side in 40 mm length and width Step 3. Sand all chair elements to a smooth surface with emery paper. Step 4 Drill holes with a diameter of 3.5 mm for mounting legs and holes in the legs. Their coordinates are shown in Figure 1. Step 5 Based on the photo, lean the parts together and, through the holes in the legs, mark the attachment point with self-tapping screws.
>img src="" alt="Bar stool with your own hands" title="Bar stool with your own hands">
To reduce the stresses that occur during the fastening of fasteners in the ends of the parts, drill a blind hole with a diameter of 2.5 mm and a depth of about 30 mm. Step 6 Fasten the workpiece legs together with self-tapping screws through the drilled holes tsarg , prozhek. Step 7 On the resulting chair frame, unscrew the screws so that they do not come out of the body of the workpiece, but the ends of the parts could be smeared with glue. Step 8 Glue the ends of the frame and glue screw fasteners before placing its head flush with the surface of the beam.Step 4 - To the kings No.2, using 40 mm screws, attach the beam for securing the seat from the inner side, so that one side of the bar 25 mm wide is adjacent to the yoke, and at the bottom was on par with it.
 Do-it-yourself bar stool
Step 9 Unscrew the screws from the workpiece to fasten the seat and apply glue to the side adjacent to the stool. Combine these elements. Step 10 Apply the glue to the support beam (20 X 25 mm) from the seat side and, placing the workpieces close together, from the first to the eighth, nail them to the support. Plunge the heads of the cores into the body of the tree. Remove excess glue with a rag. Step 11 Clean the surface of the chair from dust. Putty holes, grooves in the tree. Sandpaper all the elements. Brush evenly apply varnish over the entire surface of the bar stool. Allow the product to dry. Step 12 When using a whole cloth with a self-adhesive film as a soft sole under the legs of a chair, determine the dimensions of the end part of the leg and, on the basis of these data, cut out the corresponding material from the specified materialelements.
Bar stool with your own hands
 Bar stool with your own hands
If standard soles are used for this purpose, then glue self-adhesive felt and cut it with a knife along the contour of the leg. As you can see, you can make a bar stool with your own hands very easily.

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