Do you have a fantasy? 8 pictures to check it out!

One of the most universal entertainment known to humanity for thousands of years, and which is equally interesting for both adults and children, is trying to guess what a cloud looks like. And how many parents of small children avoided whining and hassle, because they showed a daze to the sky in time ... And if you are so brutal that you think that all the clouds are just like one thing - clouds, then you are just having a bad imagination, let's stop it!

You can see something in almost any cloud, but will the opinions coincide? The oldest optical illusions that are known to mankind are very deceptive, and everyone sees it in a vague form.

If today you have a cloudy or opposite, not a single cloud, if you are too lazy to get up from the sofa and go to the window or from the subway of the heavens, you can see a nice cloud of clouds to show your imagination!

1. Harness or bring the ball?

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There is no doubt that the cloud represents something alive.But who is this: a dog, a donkey or a little hunchback?


2. Let's think about the good!

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Most people see in this unusual cloud a hint of a mushroom from a nuclear explosion, but pah-pah-pah at them. We see here that just someone pours thick cream into fresh coffee of the sky!


3. And what about here?

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We do not know who is how, but here we see a little seal, clapping with flippers or at least an orca emerging from the depths.


4. The time of hunting!

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I wonder who this cloudy panther hunts so hard for?


5. Cloud thoughtfulness

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The caricature figure of a man in old robes and a bowler hat with feathers casts reflections on the eternal. Or not?


6. Here everything is simple!

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It is unlikely that anyone will be able to make a mistake with this cloud: here is exactly the face of an elderly person.

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